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Windows C#/.NET SDK Reference

We're in the process of updating our Windows SDKs. The content below relates to our previous version. Please contact our support team if you wish to implement Windows in-app checkouts or licensing.

Class Method Description
Paddle public bool ProductActivated Gets whether or not this product has an activated licence.
Paddle public bool DeactivateLicence() Deactivates the licence for this product.
Paddle public void ShowLicensingWindow() Triggers the license window to be shown. This will show the licence information used to activate the product. If the product is not activated the method will be ignored.
Paddle private bool ShowProductWindow(bool isTimeTrialLimited = true) Triggers the product window to be shown.
Paddle public int DaysRemainingOnTrial Gets the number of days remaining on this user’s trial. A negative number shows the number of days since the trial ended.
Paddle public bool ShowInTaskbar Sets whether or not to show SDK windows in the task bar (default is true).
Paddle public string LicenceEmail The email address that was used to register this product. Will be null if not activated.
Paddle public string LicenceKey The licence key that was used to register this product. Will be null if not activated.

Questions about Paddle?

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Questions about Paddle?