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Windows C++ SDK Reference

We're in the process of updating our Windows SDKs. The content below relates to our previous version. Please contact our support team if you wish to implement Windows in-app checkouts or licensing.

Class Method Description
Paddle getDaysRemainingOnTrial(); This method returns an int for the number of days remaining on a customers trial. This is a signed int as it can represent the number of days since a trial finished.
Paddle productActivated(); Returns a boolean value for if the product has been activated or not by the customer.
Paddle deactivateLicence() This method can be called to deactivate the current active licence. This returns boolean value to indicate if the deactivation was successful or not.
Paddle overridePrice(double price); You can use this method to override the normal price of your product and send the customer to a purchase page using the overridden price.
Paddle startPurchase(); Use this method to launch the purchasing process directly at any point after you have already used the startLicencing method.

Questions about Paddle?

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Questions about Paddle?