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License Custom Path (Mac)

License custom path allows you to choose where you want the license to be stored.

customStoragePath is a delegate method that has been introduced in v4.0.13 that allows you to choose where the user license should be stored. E.g., if you would like the license to be accessible for all users on a certain machine you would store the license at /Users/Shared.

Set delegate to self :

	// Initialize the SDK Instance with Seller details:
	Paddle *paddle = [Paddle sharedInstanceWithVendorID:myPaddleVendorID

// Initialize the SDK singleton with the config:
let paddle = Paddle.sharedInstance(withVendorID: myPaddleVendorID, apiKey: myPaddleAPIKey, productID: myPaddleProductID, configuration: defaultProductConfig, delegate:self)

Add the customStoragePath delegate method:

- (NSString *)customStoragePath {
    return @"/Users/shared"; //Needs to be full path to custom storage directory

func customStoragePath() -> String {
    return "/Users/Shared"

Questions about Paddle?

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Questions about Paddle?