Checkout Complete Popup

Automatically display transaction and order details after a completed checkout.

Make sure you've completed Paddle.js Setup before continuing to this step!

Checkout Complete Popup

The Paddle Checkout has several options on what to do on a completed checkout, by default the checkout will show a ‘Success’ message indicating that the transaction was successful.

One option is to display a popup containing order, receipt and payment information as an alternate success screen.


You can enable the Checkout Complete Popup in the Setup() function of Paddle.js by setting completeDetails to true.


<script type="text/javascript">
    vendor: 1234567,
    completeDetails: true

Calling the popup from a success callback

You may want to execute additional code as part of your success callback but still display the standardised order information popup. You can do this by manually triggering the popup as follows:{
  product: 1234567,
  successCallback: function(data) {
    // do something

Next Steps

If you're looking for something more bespoke, you can build your own post-checkout experience using our 'Order Information' API, available within Paddle.js:
Order Information
Get information about an order once the transaction completes using Paddle.js