Affiliate Tracking

Automatically track affiliate campaigns and split funds with promotional partners.

Make sure you've completed Paddle.js Setup before continuing to this step!

Paddle Affiliates

By installing Paddle.js on your website, and using it to power your Checkout you’re automatically integrated with Paddle’s affiliate tracking, no need for any additional integration work.

You manage your affiliate program, commissions, invite and approve affiliates from the Affiliates section of your Paddle Dashboard.

In addition to tracking sales and conversions, Paddle.js will automatically track and attribute to affiliates the following actions:

  • Conversion/Sale (automatic)
  • Unique Visits (automatic)
  • Page Views (automatic)
  • Downloads (requires Download Tracking integration)
  • Audiences/Email Subscribers (requires Audience integration)

Analytics on activity for the above actions being driven by your affiliates is available within the Affiliates section of your Paddle Dashboard.

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