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Introduction & Quick Start

Paddle.js is the super simple Paddle Javascript library for including Paddle Checkout on your website. With a whole host of additional tools and functionality to allow you to build rich, integrated experiences on top of Paddle.

Paddle.js is a library enabling you to harness the power of the Paddle Checkout and other tools within your websites and applications. To use any of the functionality from Paddle.js you must first follow the Basic Setup and include the Paddle.js library on your website.

1 Include Paddle.js on Your Website →

Following this, you’re free to implement any of the functionality of Paddle.js and make use of its rich set of tools. Try starting with:

  • Buttons & Checkout
    Add checkout buttons, or implement bespoke checkout flows using Javascript.
  • Localized Prices
    Localize prices and currencies displayed on your website based on visitor location.
  • Audience
    Use automated prompts, popups and APIs to encourage users to join your email list.
  • Download Prompts & Buttons
    Add download tracking, and prompt for email address on trial/demo download.
  • Order Information
    Build custom thank-you pages and experiences pulling Order Information from Paddle after a transaction.
  • Affiliate Tracking
    Run affiliate campaigns, automatically track and split funds between promotional partners.

Questions about Paddle?

If you need any help regarding your Paddle integration, please get in touch with our Customer Success team using the form below.

Questions about Paddle?