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Paddle Checkout in 10 Minutes (and 5 Lines of Code)

It’s super quick to get a Paddle checkout up and running on your website. Follow the walkthrough below to set up a demo product on your dashboard, import the Paddle JavaScript library and open the overlay checkout on your own store page.

Set up a product

You can set up a new product in the Seller Dashboard in a matter of minutes. We support a wide range of fulfilment methods and pricing options. Follow the 9 steps below to set up a simple downloadable product that doesn’t require a software license:

  1. In the Dashboard, click “Catalog” and then “Products”
  2. Click on “New Product”
  3. Choose a name for your product
  4. Select “No” for the question about whether your product uses the Paddle SDK
  5. Select “A download that will be sent to the customer” for the question about how the product will be delivered
  6. Upload a product icon and click “Continue”
  7. Either upload a product as a downloadable file, or specify a link to a landing page where this can be downloaded
  8. Set the prices for your product in any currencies you wish to support
  9. Click Release!

Read about how to implement software licensing for your product

Import the Paddle JavaScript library

On your test store page add the following code just before the closing </body> tag to import the Paddle.js library and run the checkout setup method:

Please do not self-host Paddle.js, this will prevent you from receiving bug fixes and new features.

<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
	Paddle.Setup({ vendor: 1234567 });

Note: Your Paddle Vendor ID can be found on the Authentication page in your Paddle dashboard.

Add a buy button

Any clickable element on your page can be made into a buy button by adding the paddle_button class and specifying the ID of the product you wish to use in the checkout:

<a href="#!" class="paddle_button" data-product="12345">Buy Now!</a>

Note: You can find the product ID by clicking the Checkout Link button in your Seller Dashboard and copying the Checkout Product ID number.

Test your checkout!

Click the green buy button and you will see an overlay checkout displayed on top of your test store page. To test the whole checkout without making a real payment, you can create a product coupon.

If the checkout fails to display, check the browser console for any error messages. If you continue to have problems, get in touch with our support team.

Next Steps

Paddle Checkout (Web)
The Paddle checkout is an simple and elegant interface to take payments for your products or subscription plans on your web store. The checkout is powered by our paddle.js JavaScript library, which is simple enough to integrate in a matter of minutes for simple applications, while being flexible enough to support highly customized setups.
Subscriptions Integration Guide
This is an in-depth guide on building a subscription billed service with Paddle. You can also get a basic overview of how to get started with subscriptions using our Quick Start guide.

Questions about Paddle?

If you need any help regarding your Paddle integration, please get in touch with our Customer Success team using the form below.

Questions about Paddle?