Offering Discounts and Promotions

Offering discounts and promotions effectively can be a great way to increase revenue and entice new customers. Paddle’s flexibility makes it simple to create the right discount for your customers and products.

Why offer discounts?

There are multiple reasons for why you would want to offer discounts and promotions:

  • target customers at special times of the year (Black Friday, for example)
  • attract new customers
  • upgrade offers for existing customers
  • helping with a customer complaint
  • multi-buy offers (volume discounting)

How to target customers you want to give discounts to

  • A common use-case would be offering customers on an older version of the product, a discounted upgrade to the new version.
  • Email campaign with a custom checkout link offering discount.
  • Customers coming from a specific URL to be offered discount (referral link from a friend, for example).

How to offer discounts and promotions with Paddle

Coupons are generally perceived as a temporary special offer, which can entice customers to make the purchase. This is the simplest and recommended way of introducing discounts and promotions to your checkout. You can have reusable discounts codes or a unique discount code which can have a set amount of usage. To set up coupons, read more here.

Overriding Checkout Prices. When building custom checkout experiences, it may be better to override the checkout price, rather than using a coupon. A customer may wish to offer upgrade pricing for their app. The seller could prompt the customer to enter in their old license code, validate this on their side, and if a valid license is provided override the price of the checkout to a discounted price.

Set a sale price in the dashboard. If you wanted to have everyone have a price reduction at a certain time, you can set it up in the dashboard.

Questions about Paddle?

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