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Getting Started

Whether you're an experienced software developer, a curious coder looking to sell their first app, or a business user looking to learn more about Paddle's features, this documentation is for you.

We've broken down our docs into the core solutions that Paddle offers, and have included plenty of helpful guides to get you on your way. Get up and running right away with our 10-minute guide, or check out the sections below to see how to get the most from our flexible platform.

Build a Checkout in 10 Minutes

We’ve broken down our docs into the core solutions that Paddle offers with helpful guides to get you on your way.

Selling With Paddle

Paddle makes selling software easy. Set up our checkout and start selling in minutes. Find out how below. Paddle Checkout (web) Subscriptions Integration Guide In-App Introduction

Licensing & Fulfillment

We offer flexibility with controlling access to your software - use your own licensing setup or one of our solutions. Licensing using the Mac SDK Licensing using the Windows C#/.Net SDK Licensing using DevMate

Monitoring Your Business

Paddle gives you all the tools to monitor your business’ performance, receive alerts and access analytics. Using Webhooks Verifying Webhooks Webhooks History

API & Reference

You’ll be able to easily look up our API docs, SDK, Paddle.js and subscription reference in this section. Reference Docs API Authentication Checkout Parameters References Subscription Event Reference


Paddle Checkout In 10 Minutes

The best place to start! Get a working checkout up and running on your website and start taking payments in minutes.

Subscriptions Integration Guide

This guide will walk you through the main things you need to bill your customers on a regular basis.

How to use Paddle for Licensing

Paddle's licensing platform is flexible and easy to configure. Follow this guide to find the best licensing option for you.

Migrate to the latest version of the Paddle Mac SDK

Version 4 is our newest release of the Mac SDK. It's clearer and more flexible than v3, and can be migrated to by following this guide.

Questions about Paddle?

If you need any help regarding your Paddle integration, please get in touch with our Customer Success team using the form below.

Questions about Paddle?