How to use Paddle for Licensing

Paddle’s licensing platform is flexible and easy to configure. Follow this guide to find the best licensing option for you.

What are licenses and why are they important?

A license key or code is a data string that verifies authorised software product access. Licensing remains a popular tool for on-the-shelf software, however, the emergence of cloud computing software has enabled more and more sellers to move to a user management system with log ons and passwords.

At Paddle, there are a variety of options for flexible license usage.

Deliver license from a pre-populated list of licenses

If you have created a one-off purchase product, you can deliver the customer a license from a list of licenses which you have inputted (usually via a .txt file). When the list of licenses has been exhausted, you will receive an email suggesting that you should create more licenses.


  • This is the quickest way to test a product.
  • If you do not require remote verification.
  • One-off product purchases.

You’ll find the option to deliver licenses from a pre-populated list in the Seller Dashboard.


Paddle uses webhook fulfilment’s and webhook alerts which can be used to trigger your own license server to assign/allocate licenses for subscriptions or one-off purchases.


  • Building own license server enables greater flexibility and control.
  • Subscriptions with licenses.
  • If you already have a license server in place, can integrate seamlessly.

Read our docs on Fulfilment Webhooks here for more information

Using Devmate

DevMate is a 3rd party tool for, amongst other things, managing licenses and licensing. Paddle has built a 2-way integration between the two, allowing for seamless generation and distribution of license keys on checkout.


  • Automatic remote verification
  • When you wanted to handle subscriptions with licenses.

Read our docs on Devmate Integration here for more information

Paddle License Framework

This is Paddles licensing system and trial technology and has to be used with our Paddle SDK. The SDK was built with the core function of providing checkout, licensing, and trials to software products.


  • Automatic remote verification
  • Subscriptions with licenses.
  • When you are using the Paddle SDK with your product.

Read our docs on the Paddle License Framework here for more information (Mac) (Windows C#/.Net) (Windows C++)

Questions about Paddle?

If you need any help regarding your Paddle integration, please get in touch with our Customer Success team using the form below.