DevMate Integration

Integrate Paddle and DevMate to use Paddle’s payments and checkout in tandem with DevMate’s developer toolkit.

Integrating Paddle with DevMate allows you to obtain from Paddle all data about sales and refunds of your software. Based on this information you will get the detailed stats on sales and downloads and customer base. To connect your Paddle and DevMate accounts do the following:

  1. Log in to your Vendor Dashboard with Paddle.
  2. Navigate to your Vendor Settings > DevMate Integration.
  3. Click ‘Connect DevMate’.

After connecting your DevMate and Paddle accounts, each product in your Paddle products list will be able to be linked to an associated DevMate product. This will enable the syncing of your Paddle sales data with the products in DevMate.

In the Paddle Vendor Dashboard, you can also configure DevMate as a licensing back-end for your Paddle products, (all relevant data will sync automatically). Allowing you to map different license types and options to your new and existing unreleased Paddle products. You can learn more how to match Paddle products with DevMate ones.

Questions about Paddle?

If you need any help regarding your Paddle integration, please get in touch with our Customer Success team using the form below.