Static Checkout Links

In their most basic form, a Paddle checkout can be accessed with a simple link. Paddle offers various optional extendability of these links to allow for deeper integrations with your websites/ application.

Note: It is recommended, where possible to use Paddle.js rather than linking directly to the checkout. We are unable to provide rich insights and analytics for direct checkout links in the same way we can for Paddle.js

Basic Usage

A standard checkout link looks as follows:{product_id}

You can get a plain checkout link by visiting your Vendor Dashboard, clicking "Products" in the sidebar, and then "Checkout Link".

Optional URL Parameters

These values should be passed as GET variables at the end of the Checkout URL.

Parameter Value(s) Description
quantity Integer greater than 0 Pre-fills the Quantity selector on the checkout.
guest_email Valid email address. Pre-fills the customer ‘Email’ field on the checkout.
coupon A valid coupon code from your account. Pre-fills a coupon code on the checkout.
price A valid decimal payment amount (eg. 4.99) Overrides the price of the checkout. (Requires authentication using price_auth parameter)
price_auth Authentication token for the price parameter. Required if setting the price value. Authenticates the checkout price override value. See the Overriding Checkout Prices documentation for more information.
passthrough Any string of text. Ancillary meta-data you wish to store with the checkout. Will be sent alongside all webhooks associated with the order. See the Paddle Checkout (Web) documentation for more information.
quantity_variable 0 or 1 Set this value to 0 to disable the quantity selector on checkout. (Defaults to 1)
disable_logout true or false Set this value to true to disable email entry and logout on checkout. (Defaults to false)
guest_country A valid country code. Pre-fills the customer ‘Country’ field on the checkout. See the Checkout Parameters documentation for accepted country code values.
guest_postcode Zip / Postcode Pre-fills the customer ‘ZIP/Postcode’ field on the checkout.

Note: guest_country is required for postcode to be pre-filled.
locale A supported locale code. Force the checkout to a specific locale. See the Checkout Parameters documentation for accepted locale code values.

Questions about Paddle?

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