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One-Time Charges

The Charges API allows you to make one-off charges right away on top of an existing subscription. Charges are independent of the existing billing cycle, and do not affect any existing due payments or future invoices. Receipt emails are automatically sent to the buyer.

Creating a one-time charge

Example Request

curl -X POST
      -d'charge_name=Product Add-On One'\               {subscription_id}/charge

Example Response

    "success": true,
    "response": [ 

You can find the vendor_id and vendor_auth_code from the Authentication page in your Paddle dashboard.

The subscription_id is the existing subscription ID recorded from the webhook. The charge_name will be the name on the invoice they receive for the one-time charge.

Request parameters

Field Required? Description
vendor_id Yes Seller ID
vendor_auth_code Yes Seller authentication code
amount Yes The amount for the one-time charge. This amount will be charged in the currency of the subscription. If you have set your account to add charge tax in addition to the product price, then sales tax (if appropriate) will be added to the charge amount.
charge_name Yes The name of the one-time charge. This will be visible to buyers and will show up in the receipt as a line item, so the buyer knows how much they were charged and what for. The maximum length of this field is 50 characters.

Response parameters

Field Description
success Returns a boolean value of true or false, based on whether the API was able to make the charge successfully
invoice_id ID of the invoice
subscription_id ID of the subscription
amount Amount charged (including tax, if appropriate)
currency Currency the amount was charged in (same as the currency of the subscription)
payment_date Date the charge was made
receipt_url URL to access the post-payment receipt

Usage requirements

As with all Paddle services, the Charges API must only be used to sell digital products and services - not physical products, human services, or other items forbidden from being sold on Paddle - see a full list here.

Sellers must ensure that:

  • Buyers are informed about the charge description and amount in advance, whether through an interface or via email.
  • The charge_name is descriptive: for example:
    • [name] x [quantity] - e.g. Design Plugin x 1
    • [number of credits] credits for [subscription plan] - e.g. 200 credits for monthly talk time
    • [quantity] [units] [product description] - e.g. 124 MB data usage

Questions about Paddle?

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Questions about Paddle?