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Reschedule Subscription Payment

Reschedule Subscription Payment: follow these instructions to change the due date on an upcoming subscription payment.

  • vendor_id: int; required. Vendor ID
  • vendor_auth_code: string; required. See API Authentication documentation for instructions.
  • payment_id: int; required. To obtain the payment_id, you will need to call the List Subscription Payments API and set the is_paid parameter to 0 in order to retrieve the upcoming payment details.
  • date: yyyy-mm-dd; required. Date (UTC) that you would like to reschedule the next payment to.

Please note that changing the next payment due date will also change the due date of payments thereafter.

Example Request

curl -X POST \
     -d 'vendor_id=123' \
     -d 'vendor_auth_code=123:456abc...' \
     -d 'payment_id=8936' \
     -d 'date=2015-12-25' \

Example Response

    "success": true

Questions about Paddle?

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Questions about Paddle?