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List Coupons

List Coupons: follow these instructions to list all of the available coupons for a given product.

  • vendor_id: int; required. Vendor ID
  • vendor_auth_code: string; required. See API Authentication documentation for instructions.
  • product_id: int; required. The id of the vendor’s product, or product purchase.

Product Coupon

Example Request

curl -X POST \
     -d 'vendor_id=123' \
     -d 'vendor_auth_code=456abc8d272...' \
     -d 'product_id=499531' \

Example Response

  "success": true,
  "response": [{
    "id": 4227,
    "coupon": "56604810a6990",
    "description": "56604810a6dcd",
    "discount_type": "percentage",
    "discount_amount": 0.5,
    "discount_currency": "USD",
    "allowed_uses": 3,
    "times_used": 2,
    "is_recurring": true,
    "expires": "2020-12-03 00:00:00",
    "product_id": "16970"

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Questions about Paddle?