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Create Coupon

Create a coupon. Whether you’re giving customers an extra discount or smoothing out an issue - they’re very versatile!

Coupons are great. Whether they’re underpinning your marketing campaigns, giving your customers a little extra discount at the checkout, or smoothing things out when things go awry, they can be really versatile tools.

Our coupon API provides you with:

  • Creation and management of large groups of coupons
  • A lot of flexibility in the kind of discounts you can create
  • Real time, on-demand coupon creation

Accepted Fields

  • vendor_id (int) - Vendor ID (required)
  • vendor_auth_code (string) - Vendor API Auth Code (required) - See API Authentication documentation for instructions.
  • coupon_code (string) - Coupon Code. (optional) - Will be randomised if not given.
  • coupon_prefix (string) - Coupon Prefix. (optional) - Prefix of coupon code to use if generating a batch of coupons. Not valid if coupon_code parameter is specified.
  • num_coupons (int) - Number of Coupons to generate. (optional) - Number of coupons to generate at once. Not valid if coupon_code parameter is specified (as that implies a single coupon).
  • description (string) - Description of the coupon for internal use. (optional)
  • coupon_type (string) - Either product or checkout. (required)
  • product_ids (string) - Comma separated list of products e.g. 499531,1234,123546. (required if coupon_type is product, else optional)
  • discount_type (string) - Either flat or percentage. (required)
  • discount_amount (decimal) - A currency amount (eg. 10.00) if discount_type is flat, or a percentage amount (eg. 10 for 10%) if discount_type is percentage. (required)
  • currency (string) - Currency of the discount_amount. (required - if discount_type is flat)
  • allowed_uses (int) - Number of times each coupon can be used. (required)
  • expires (string) - Date (UTC) the coupon is valid until, in the format YYYY-MM-DD. Coupon will expire at the start of this date (eg. YYYY-MM-DD 00:00:00). (optional)
  • recurring (bool) - Either 0 or 1. If the coupon contains subscription products, this indicates if the discount should apply to intervals after the initial purchase. (optional)
  • minimum_threshold - The minimum threshold (total in cart) that needs to be exceeded for the coupon to work. If blank or 0 then threshold is removed. (optional - unless changing currency when a minimum threshold is already set.)
  • group (string) - The name of the coupon group this coupon belongs to; groups that do not exist will be created automatically. (optional)

Example Request

curl -X POST \
    -d 'vendor_id=12345' \
    -d 'vendor_auth_code=abc1234...' \
    -d 'coupon_prefix=TEST-' \
    -d 'num_coupons=5' \
    -d 'description=Coupons created via the API.' \
    -d 'coupon_type=product' \
    -d 'product_ids=510509,511520,508649' \
    -d 'discount_type=percentage' \
    -d 'discount_amount=25' \
    -d 'allowed_uses=1' \
    -d 'group=My-Test-Group' \

Example Response

    "success": true,
    "response": {
        "coupon_codes": [

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Questions about Paddle?