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Create Subscription Plan

Creates a new subscription billing plan with the supplied parameters.

  • vendor_id: int; required. Vendor ID
  • vendor_auth_code: string; required. See API Authentication documentation for instructions.
  • plan_name: string; required. The name of the subscription plan.
  • plan_length: int; required. Length of the plan cycle.
  • plan_type: string; required. Type of the plan cycle. Accepts day, week, month, or year.
  • plan_trial_days: int; optional. The length of the trial period in days.
  • recurring_price_(usd|gbp|eur): float; required. The amount that will be charged for each recurring payment.
  • main_currency_code: string; optional. Accepts USD, GBP or EUR (default: USD). Please note that the currency chosen will affect how the recurring_price_ parameter is set. So if the main_currency_code is set to GBP, the recurring_price will be recurring_price_gbp.

In the below example, we are creating a subscription plan with no trial days (0) where the user will be charged $5 every 2 months.

Example Request

curl -X POST \
     -d 'vendor_id=123' \
     -d 'vendor_auth_code=14a5df6abc' \
     -d 'plan_name=My Subscription Plan' \
     -d 'plan_trial_days=0' \
     -d 'plan_length=2' \
     -d 'plan_type=month' \
     -d 'main_currency_code=USD' \
     -d 'recurring_price_usd=5.00' \

Example Response

    "success": true,
    "response": {
        "product_id": 502198

You can now use the returned product_id/plan_id with other subscription APIs.

Questions about Paddle?

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Questions about Paddle?