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Compare Stripe vs. Braintree

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Review the top #5 reasons why companies look at moving from Stripe to Braintree and vice versa.

These insights are taken from calls with over 200 software executives choosing payment gateways, as well as our own payment team's insights from powering Paddle's Revenue Delivery Platform.

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Top #5 Criteria for Comparing Stripe vs. Braintree


Payments infrastructure needs careful implementation and continuous optimization to minimize lost revenue collection.

Ideally, the infrastructure you build with should be focused on other SaaS sellers, and exclude high-risk products that drag overall performance down.

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Manual ad-hoc optimization

Stripe enables you to get going quickly, but optimization (and revenue uplift) is limited without integrating multiple Stripe accounts. Payment failures are typically higher in international markets.


Limited global payments optimization

Braintree accounts are typically linked to acquiring banks in the same region as you. Without multiple global payment gateways, this often leads to high payment failure internationally.

Braintree is also focused on multiple types of internet business, not just specialising in SaaS.


Relentless optimization

Revenue performance refined for over 2,000 software sellers globally across acquisition, renewals, and expansion.

Our Advisory prescribe growth experiments tailored to your product, industry, and customer profile - from our insights across five million software buyers.


Software businesses need to be able to execute growth strategies without being constrained by their revenue delivery infrastructure. Launch new products, move upmarket, and sell across geographies with ease.

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Endless engineering projects

Stripe is one layer of your revenue delivery infrastructure and doesn't easily adapt to new growth strategies without significant engineering work, manual overhead or lost revenue potential.


Strategic ceiling to growth

Braintree has limited native tooling to support SaaS strategies like integrating multiple currencies and local sales tax rates across subscriptions, or enabling manual invoices without card-based payments.

Typically, SaaS businesses supplement Braintree with an additional 'stack' when scaling up.


Instantly ready for every strategy

Execute every SaaS growth strategy within Paddle:

  • Localize to all your top markets worldwide in a few clicks 

  • Easily cross-sell products to drive expansion revenue 

  • Discover teams amongst individual users, upsell their card subscriptions

  • Sell enterprise invoices in one unified platform


Software is now a regulated market - your revenue delivery infrastructure should keep you out of jail! You need to protect your business from today and tomorrow's compliance risks like tax, payments, and data.

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Full liability & responsibility

It’s your responsibility to register, file, and remit the correct sales taxes and comply with local payment regulations globally.

You need in-house expertise, processes, and tooling around Stripe to keep your business protected and compliant globally.


Full liability & responsibility

With Braintree, you'll need to consider customer data, PCI, and sales tax compliance. It’s your responsibility to register, file, and remit the correct sales taxes and comply with local payment regulations globally.

This will need dedicated expertise and tooling on top of Braintree's tooling.


Operate with full integrity

Future-proof and protect your business by offloading your global liability (and the operational complexity that goes with it) onto Paddle.

Our expert team handles all your tax and payments compliance – no additional consultants, accountants, or advisors needed.


Your revenue delivery infrastructure needs to sell software globally, on subscription, in a compliant, reportable way that "speaks" to your product and all back-office tools. This infrastructure needs to be easily implemented and maintained.

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Dependent on multiple integrations

You will need Stripe's paid add-ons (like Stripe Billing) and/or 3rd party integrations for subscriptions, sales tax, SaaS metrics, and more. Not possible to integrate PayPal (as they compete).

Most software businesses aren't big enough to qualify for premium support during implementation.


Need to plug in multiple integrations

Braintree's payment gateway comes integrated with PayPal, but the rest of the platform is limited for SaaS businesses. You will need to integrate with other tools - subscriptions, tax, invoicing, SaaS metrics, and more.


A single, unified integration

We help you migrate from your existing set-up to our unified platform.

A single integration for all your revenue delivery needs: built-in payments, subscriptions, invoicing, and tax.

A single source of truth for all your revenue data.


Determine the full cost of your revenue delivery by comparing a complete stack across payments, subscriptions, sales tax, SaaS metrics, invoicing tooling, headcount across your billing support, billing engineering, and finance teams, as well as the opportunity cost from performance differences.

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2.9% is not the full cost

It’s 2.9% + 30¢ for payments, then +0.8%-1.5% for Stripe Billing, + for any integrated tools or add-ons for tax, fraud etc. You can also be charged cross-border and currency conversion fees.

Also consider headcount for integration/maintenance, reconciliation for finance, and support tickets.


Payments only from 2.9%

Roughly 2.9% +30¢ for US vendors per transaction, which is for core payments only. Plus tax tooling, subscription tooling, better fraud tools, buyer support costs and everything else needed for full revenue delivery.


All-in-one transaction fee

All your revenue delivery infrastructure, tools, and services wrapped up in one transaction fee. No additional, ongoing headcount needs for engineering, finance, or support teams.

There is another way.

Paddle's Revenue Delivery Platform is a unified solution for software companies. All the infrastructure, tools, and services you need to sell software globally, reduce churn, stay compliant, and scale up fast.