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5 reasons why SaaS businesses choose Paddle over PayPal

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Paypal is undoubtedly a popular payment method, however it can be a limited one. Paddle offers a unified solution for businesses that sell software, providing multiple payment methods including PayPal, managing tax compliance, and optimizing payment performance. All to help fast-growing businesses like yours expand even faster. 

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Paypal is a digital wallet and Paypal for Business is a payment processor

PayPal for Business is aimed at businesses that need to take payments online, particularly  in the B2C market. PayPal is more widely used within markets with lower trust of credit cards and lower value transactions.

Paddle is a Revenue Delivery Platform

Paddle manages all payment methods, subscription billing, sales tax compliance, fraud protection, revenue recovery, currencies, metrics (and more), giving SaaS businesses all they need to sell software online - all from one, singular platform. 

#1: Paddle’s all-in-one platform means managed payments and beyond 🚀

PayPal as a payment method and processor means you’ve got only one element of your revenue delivery infrastructure covered.

Paddle delivers much more than a payment gateway. With all aspects of revenue delivery handled by us, you don’t have to worry about using multiple channels or any painful integrations.

#2: Go-to-market faster with Paddle 🏃

PayPal lacks the capability to support you with implementing important growth strategies: expanding internationally, moving upmarket or down-market, and launching new products.  

Paddle is a revenue delivery platform that provides you with the resources, support, and technology to boost your revenue across the entire payment process and each customer lifecycle. An easy way to optimize your business growth across your go-to-market strategy, whatever that strategy may be. 

#3: Global tax and compliance completely taken care of 😌

Paddle handles tax and remittance globally, taking full liability for tax, fraud, and compliance along the way.

As a reseller, our compliance becomes your compliance. We fight fraud, chase chargebacks and failed payments, and manage reconciliation for you. We’re here to make your life - and your business growth - easier. 

#4: Higher revenue performance in every market 🌎

Businesses using PayPal are likely to suffer from higher levels of subscription cancelations, as well as  high levels of chargeback, ultimately leading to more churn. 

Paddle’s payments team maintains relationships with multiple global banks and payment processors so you can operate with confidence and maximize every revenue opportunity.

#5: Lower cost with all-in-one pricing 🤩

PayPal’s feature set is limited only to payment processing, so  SaaS businesses typically need to  use it in conjunction with other tools. As a result, costs quickly mount up.

Paddle offers multiple payment methods, including PayPal, as well as all the services below (and more) within one, simple tool - all under one cost. Finance teams everywhere: rejoice.