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Why SaaS businesses choose Paddle instead of payment processors

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If you’re looking to get the most revenue out of your payment and billing infrastructure, it’s important to remember that payment processors only cater for one part: payments.

Paddle provides an all-in-one revenue delivery solution for software businesses, making it a better solution for SaaS businesses.

Find out the top #5 reasons why to choose Paddle:

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#1: Paddle is a complete solution for SaaS

By only providing a payment gateway solution, payment processors only serve as a part of your business’ revenue infrastructure. 

Paddle, on the other hand, is much more than a tool for taking payments. All aspects of your revenue delivery strategy and structure - from checkout to payments, subscription renewals, pricing, localization, tax compliance (and more) - are supported, meaning you don’t have to worry about painful integrations with other revenue tools.

#2: Scale quickly without overworking your developers

When using payment processors, you’ll need to integrate and maintain all the necessary tools to support your subscriptions, taxes, invoicing and SaaS metrics - or build your own all-inclusive tool. Either way, that’s a lot of your developers’ precious time to make your revenue infrastructure work.

Paddle’s all in one solution, enables you to free up your developers so they can get back to working on what matters most - your product.

#3: Go-to-market faster with Paddle

Your go-to-market strategy goes way beyond just payments.

With a revenue delivery platform like Paddle, you get all the resources, support, and technology you need to boost your revenue across the entire payment process and each customer lifecycle. An easy way to optimize your business growth across your  go-to-market strategy, whatever that strategy may be. 🌳

#4: Global tax and compliance taken care of

Calculating the tax owed on each payment only solves for a small part of your sales tax obligations. This tends to be the extent of the support tax tools used with payment processors offer.

Paddle handles tax and remittance globally, taking full liability for tax, fraud, and compliance along the way.

As a reseller, our compliance becomes your compliance. We fight fraud, chase chargebacks and failed payments, and manage reconciliation for you. 

#5: Simplified pricing from the start

To understand the real cost of your setup and processes, you need to factor in all the elements, like payment processors, subscription management software, tax compliance tools, international transaction fees, plus the added cost of growing internal headcount to manage all the back office admin that comes with the territory.

Paddle supports all of the above (and more) within one, simple tool - and one tool means just one set of costs to manage and reconcile. 

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