Case Study

mSeven unifies its Apple, Windows and Google apps using Paddle


mSeven wanted to migrate 1 million anonymous customers across their Apple, Google and Windows apps to a single, cross-platform login and license.


Paddle’s intuitive technology enabled mSeven to implement changes within days whilst marketing recommendations helped make the launch a resounding success.


mSeven upgraded 50% of their customers to the cross-platform license and enabled future drip marketing opportunities.

macOS iOS Android Windows
1 million customers
Previous Provider
esellerate (Digital River)
United States
cross-platform licenses
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Security breaches and password leaks are happening more and more frequently, with a greater than ever need to avoid using the same password for multiple websites, or to keep a list of passwords unencrypted.

mSeven launched mSecure 9 years ago as a way to protect people online in a simple and user friendly way. Initially an iOS app, the product was expanded to Android, Mac and Windows within the first few years and it is now highly popular, with over 1 million customers.

mSecure protects your passwords on all platforms


1 million anonymous customers scattered across 4 platforms

When mSeven migrated to Paddle in 2015, they sold licenses for each device separately. Not only did customers dislike the need to purchase a same product several times, important features such as cross-device password syncing could not easily be introduced.

500,000 iOS customers were therefore completely anonymous to mSeven because native app stores handled the transaction without transmitting any customer information.

Most customers wanted to use mSecure on 2 devices. Breaking the silos was becoming critical and in early 2017, mSeven decided to introduce a single login structure and cross-platform payments together with their major new version, mSecure 5.

To deliver this, mSeven was facing several challenges:

  • Introducing several types of licenses and connecting the checkout experience to the single login approach without a glitch
  • Converting the maximum number of existing customers to the new version, especially acquiring their email address to enable drip marketing opportunities in the future

It was so smooth that it couldn’t have gone easier

Ray Marshall, Founder


One login across all platforms with a preorder campaign

Painless implementation with Paddle

The initial migration from esellerate was painless: existing serial numbers were simply imported into Paddle by the onboarding team and the whole process of integrating and migrating was over in a week.

The introduction of several types of licenses and single login functionality are a core part of the Paddle product. The level of support, clear documentation and Paddle’s intuitive technology were key decision factors compared to the other e-commerce solutions that mSeven considered.

Successful preorder campaign in-app and via email

Paddle powers the checkouts for hundreds of software companies and supports the analytics for their marketing campaigns, analyzing the performance of coupons, upsells and drip campaigns to activate, upgrade or reactivate customers.

Based on these insights, mSeven launched a pre-order campaign 2 months before the official release. It combined email campaigns with an in-app interstitial and drove anonymous users to a custom checkout where various messages and upgrade offers were used to capture their email address and deliver the offer.

More than 10% of users who saw the launch emails and interstitials pre-ordered mSecure and created an account with mSeven, with 40% more ordering after the release.


~50% of users upgrade to the cross-platform version

By using Paddle, mSeven will now be able to communicate directly with their customers instead of relying on 3rd party app stores, allowing them to build a much more targeted relationship with their audience and enabling smarter CRM marketing for future product launches.

In addition to this, mSeven saw a significant increase in revenue. More than 10% of users who saw the launch emails and interstitials pre-ordered mSecure and created an account with mSeven, with 40% more ordering after the release.

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