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How Renderforest Unlocked 3x ARR Growth

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Target Challenge »

Renderforest's freemium strategy offers free, one-off, and subscription purchases. Its previous billing provider failed to track it's users' billing lifecycle, burdening its support team with tickets, refunds, and churn.

Bulb Solution »

Paddle operates as the Merchant of Record. The entire user billing lifecycle is unified with all payments and subscriptions in the platform, with webhook notifications to Renderforest for real-time automation.

Percentage Results »

With Paddle, Renderforest was able to differentiate its strategy, unlocking a huge 3x increase in ARR. Renderforest now captures maximum value across the customer lifecycle without additional support or finance burden.


Reliable payments & subscriptions

Renderforest is an all-in-one branding platform, used by over 8 million users globally and over 300,000 new users signing up each month. With intense competition from other design software and service vendors, Renderforest needed a strategy to triple revenues.

Freemium pricing was the core component of its growth strategy, maximizing user acquisition through free channels like referrals with free watermarked products and one-time purchases, then upselling to subscriptions. This differed from its competitors with subscription-only, upfront payment business models.


Renderforest were struggling to maintain all this logic with its previous payments and billing system.

  1. Notifications for all types of billing and subscription were not reliably sending, leaving orders unfulfilled.

  2. Its billing management interface struggled to load due to the volume of transactions being processed.

  3. Users could not seamlessly move between subscription plans without manual intervention by both the user and Renderforest’s support team.

  4. Hidden currency conversion fees were introduced, and only one currency could be held at any one time.

  5. Vendor support was slow, with an average 12-13 hour wait for support responses.

Chronically-high refund rates, high support burden, and customer churn were clear obstacles to the growth Renderforest had outlined.

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Implementing Paddle to achieve a bottom-up growth strategy

Firstly, Renderforest worked with its Paddle account manager and solution architect to implement custom billing logic, including webhooks into its backend systems. Reliable updates syncing to the Renderforest product lifted the burden of additional support from their team immediately.

Secondly, subscription complexity was managed seamlessly through Paddle’s Subscriptions API, including the revenue-driving use cases of incremental charges. With payments and subscriptions managed in one platform, Renderforest didn’t need to integrate and configure other tools.


Paddle made it easy to control the progressive upsell across each user’s billing journey too. Instead of manually intervening and requiring the customer to create a new subscription, Renderforest used Paddle’s Charges API to create one-off charges when existing subscribers wanted to make additional one-off purchases, removing the manual support burden and creating a seamless customer experience.

Finally, Renderforest gained complete visibility over its revenue metrics in the Paddle dashboard, including all of its millions of users’ orders and subscriptions.


Unlocking 3x growth

With Paddle’s Merchant of Record model replacing its tooling and team’s workload, Renderforest gained a reliable partner to implement the billing model it needed to drive growth globally.

Using Paddle’s checkout, Subscription API, Charges API, and account management team, Renderforest delivered a seamless experience to its users and customers in under a month, whilst maintaining all its orders and subscription complexity. In addition, Renderforest has:

  • reduced the refund rate by 60% - to rates matching similar software startups - adding tens of thousands of dollars in ARR

  • Run millions of dollars of ARR through Paddle’s platform

  • Saved over 100 hours per month of billing support burden

  • Managing the lifecycle of over 8 million users

  • Saved over $7,000 per month in hidden foreign exchange fees from its previous payment provider


employees managing global taxation, billing, and support


global users


raised in funding


reduction in refunds