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How Used Paddle to Unlock Growth from Self-Service Sales

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Target Challenge » needed to deliver a high-converting website experience to buyers worldwide, with the technology and support to deliver a successful growth strategy.

Bulb Solution »

With Paddle, has been able to deliver a personal and relevant payment experience with a conversion-optimized checkout and flexible APIs that effortlessly handle subscription plans.

Percentage Results »

Paddle has enabled to drive revenue and focus resources on its business instead of maintaining billing systems and getting dragged down by back office work.


The tools and expertise to grow

To drive growth, needed to ensure a strong conversion rate from visitors arriving on the website. However, performance was being negatively impacted by a number of factors:

  • has relied heavily on word of mouth for growth but reduced margins through discount promotions has increased the need to take steps that improve the opportunity for conversion.
  • One-time purchases are a key source of’s revenue, but the company has struggled to migrate a segment of these customers onto subscription plans.
  • When PayPal exited’s home market in Turkey, many consumers lost the option to pay via the service, putting at risk revenue critical for’s growth.
  • also faced challenges with the abuse of its free trial. A significant segment of website visitors were using multiple email addresses to repeatedly access new free trials instead of signing up to a plan.
  • To make matters more difficult,’s previous payments and billing provider was slow to provide technical support and provided next to no strategic advice to help them overcome these blockers.

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Powerful subscription billing

By partnering with Paddle, has been able to achieve dramatic growth, meeting its critical challenges with smart solutions.

“We’ve been really happy with the support and advice Paddle gives us - it’s been key to helping us meet our aggressive growth targets.”

Convert traffic with a seamless billing experience

With Paddle, has been able to ensure that traffic converts by delivering a personal and relevant payment experience. Using the conversion-optimized checkout and flexible APIs, effortlessly handles monthly and annual subscription plans offering support for plan upgrades or downgrades and enabling one-time purchases outside of a plan. has also run a discounting strategy powered by Paddle to give site visitors another compelling reason to sign up to

Turning one-time purchasers in subscribers has been able to realize the potential value of buyers that made one-time purchases. Paddle made it easier for these buyers to seamlessly switch to a recurring monthly plan. By offering a vaulted card user experience, these buyers can save their card details when making a one-time purchase, removing the need to input their details again.

Payments worldwide

A key pillar of’s growth has been through selling across multiple geographies. With Paddle’s global commerce platform, has been able to sell software effortlessly worldwide without the burden of handling the payments, taxes, and compliance related to each geography itself - Paddle handles it all. Having global coverage, together with a wide range of payment methods and localization to key markets, Paddle has helped ensure every buyer interested to purchase has a strong range of options available.


New subscription customers up 158%, churn down 40%

Since switching to Paddle, has seen meaningful growth. From lightning fast integration to continuous optimization and improvements, Paddle has enabled to drive revenue and focus resources where it matters most: on its business instead of maintaining billing systems and getting dragged down by back office work.

By providing a great payment experience and innovative implementations, such as saving card details, Paddle has helped achieve a 158% increase in new subscription customers and reduce churn rate by 40%.

Because Paddle operates as Merchant Of Record, has been able to avoid payment, fraud and tax headaches by outsourcing calculation, collection and remittance of sales taxes and VAT in every country to Paddle, saving its small team time, effort and resources.


increase in new subscription customers


reduction in churn


employees managing global taxation, billing, and accounting