Case Study

Flixel grows recurring revenue by enabling smart subscriptions


Flixel wanted to move from licenses to a hybrid model supporting licenses, subscriptions and upgrades.


Using Paddle’s checkout on the web and in-app, Flixel was able to easily roll out their subscription products, tailor messaging, and deliver upgrades, all while increasing revenue and continuing to provide a great customer experience.


90% of Flixel orders are now subscriptions, and the customer experience has greatly improved.

macOS iOS Web
20-50 employees
Previous Provider
subscription in-app payments up-sell
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Professional photographers, videographers and digital marketers use Cinemagraph Pro on iOS and Mac to create cinemagraphs, a visually spectacular blend between still photographs and short movies.

Flixel’s software has received a highly coveted Apple Design Award and is now used as an essential tool by small teams and agencies as well as multi-national organisations such as Facebook, HBO, Ikea and Mercedes-Benz.

Flixel makes magical tools for digital storytellers


Moving towards subscriptions without losing customers

Like most successful companies, Flixel didn’t just build great software, they also built a great business model in the process.

Flixel had started with one-off software licenses but realized that this simple business model made it hard to run a business: sales and cashflow were impossible to forecast and the constant need to use discounts to drive sales greatly reduced the customer lifetime value.

Flixel recognized the value of a subscriptions model as a great way to achieve a stable, recurring cash flow and to optimize their pricing. They also wished to minimize the impact on their business and customers in the short term and settled on a hybrid model: offering both the traditional licenses as well as the new subscription plan.

This model was however not supported by Fastspring, their then checkout provider, whose technology had been built for a simpler age and did not enable experimentation, flexibility, upsells or different subscription tiers.

People mostly bought our software when there was a promotion, so we made lots of money one month and then very little the next month: it’s hard to run a business like that

Mark Pavlidis, CTO


Switching to Paddle to combine licenses and subscriptions

Paddle had most of the functionality to support Flixel already built-in and shared a similar vision. Both companies worked together to enable the flexibility that Flixel desired, a great example of the way the Paddle roadmap is constantly driven forward by the ideas and needs of its most advanced partners.

Thanks to Paddle, Flixel was able to take payments on the web as well as natively within the Mac app, removing all friction from the purchase experience. Flixel was also able to A/B test their pricing and messaging to push customers towards their subscription plan, while keeping traditional licenses as an alternative option.

Compared to their previous checkout experience the overall flow has also been streamlined, decreasing checkout abandonment and improving customer experience - especially around the issues that plagued the old platform such as purchase views that were not optimized for customers on smaller screens.

The Paddle dev team were really accommodating to make the appropriate changes for us to be able to support our innovative model

Mark Pavlidis, CTO


Better customer experience and a smooth move to subscriptions

The customer experience has greatly improved, thanks to both the optimized checkout experience and the ability to create user-friendly purchase and upgrade flows. This has been instrumental to the smooth move to subscriptions, leading to a higher and more predictable revenue stream.

Paddle is ready to support Flixel with the next steps of their growth, whether it’s the addition of different tiers of subscriptions, the ability to easily upgrade / downgrade plans, or increased business analytics and customer conversion tools.

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