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DVDSuki Software doubles expected sales of new macOS app


DVDSuki wanted to simultaneously launch a major new version of their main DVD copy software and a new online video processing software.


Using Paddle’s native marketing solution on top of its checkout, DVDSuki was able to launch a complex marketing campaign using discounts, upsells and bundles.


DVDSuki sold twice as many copies as they had hoped for.

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Back in 2009, Alex, founder of DVDSuki Software, was travelling through Europe. An experienced Mac developer, he started thinking about video processing software. During his trip he grew convinced that he could build a much simpler way to save a DVD on a Mac than existed at the time and he got to work. By the end of his European holiday, Mac DVDRipper Pro 1 had been released. Jump to 2016: annual upgrades, word of mouth and Google searches were delivering droves of sales and Alex’s initial idea had become a very successful business.

DVDSuki saw that new Mac computers did not include a disc drive anymore – it was time to diversify.


Launching a second line of software

DVDSuki saw that new Mac computers did not include a disc drive anymore, and although their main software, now in its 6th version, would remain relevant for years to come, it was time to diversify.

Fortunately, although the format had changed, the need to save, transfer and process videos was still there - it had simply moved from DVD to online videos. The decision to launch Mac VideoRipper Pro was made, together with a final version 7 of its DVD software.

This created marketing challenges:

  • How could DVDSuki communicate the launch of not one but two pieces of software to its current customer base?
  • How could they maximize the cross-selling of the video software whilst upgrading v6 customers to the latest version of their DVD line?
  • Which pricing incentives should they adopt?
  • And most importantly, how could they bring these marketing ideas to life without their development team spending weeks implementing them?

Being able to quickly leverage Paddle's platform is really great, as I prefer to spend my time creating code. I do apps, and you're the checkout experts, and we both do what we're best at

Alex Trim, Founder


Paddle’s integrated checkout and marketing platform

The Paddle solution extends far beyond a streamlined checkout to provide sellers with a suite of tools to test, implement and analyze marketing ideas, special offers, upsells, pricing and messaging in order to run better campaigns and make better decisions.

The Paddle Customer Success team sat down with DVDSuki to brainstorm ideas and give insight into the timing and level of discounts that could lead to the best results.

DVDSuki was able to use a wide variety of messages and offers, varying from a 50% preorder discount to a $10 upgrade to a time-limited bundle of both softwares. Implementing each of these ideas was straightforward and took little time.

I’m sure it would not have been nearly as successful as it was without Paddle

Alex Trim, Founder


Beyond expectations with 2x new sales

Thanks to the email and promotion structure adopted in tandem between the Paddle and DVDSuki teams, and the ease of implementation that enabled the best ideas to go live, DVDSuki saw results going beyond all expectations.

The upgrade to Mac DVDRipper Pro 7 generated 20% more revenue than previous upgrades, and the launch of Mac VideoRipper Pro sold twice as many copies as they hoped for.

As a business it’s also really intuitive to set things up and get the most out of the platform. The seller's panel is clean and modern, it doesn't look like an ugly Windows app like some others we've tried.

Alex Trim, Founder


Moving from FastSpring to Paddle

DVDSuki moved their sales away from FastSpring in October 2014 and selected Paddle as their preferred e-commerce partner.

“We had issues with FastSpring, ranging from the lack of support and slow communication to the absence of evolution of their platform. Setting up the products was complex, the customer experience was poor and there were frequent issues that cost us customer trust or revenue - from licences not delivered to hotmail emails to turning off PayPal without notification. In comparison, Paddle’s checkout experience is flexible, and looks great: conversion rates are much better and it just works. Clients are satisfied.

“As a business it’s also really intuitive to set things up and get the most out of the platform. The vendor’s panel is clean and modern, it doesn’t look like an ugly Windows app like some others we’ve tried.” – Alex Trim, Founder

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