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Empowering software businesses to succeed

What does Sales mean at Paddle?

Our main goal is to win new business: understand their needs, educate and advise them on our platform and ways they can grow their business, and help them migrate smoothly







We’ll make sure you constantly grow and learn

From the day you'll start you'll get a comprehensive onboarding across markets, competitors and products. We’ll craft a personal development plan to get you where you want, whether it’s becoming a sales expert or managing a team. You’ll also get the external training you want, whether it’s courses, books or education.

“In the Paddle Sales Team, we have a high level of trust and ownership in everything that we do. I'm constantly provided with opportunities to learn and develop my skills. When I started feeling excited to come into work on Mondays, I knew I'd found the right team and company!”

Nicole, Account Executive

A typical week in Sales


Weekly review

Discuss performance, plans and learnings from the previous week


Review how we're getting on day-to-day and align our goals.



Constantly search and explore new business opportunities

Team training sessions

We gather on Fridays to share knowledge and tips



We analyse how we can help customers and showcase it to them over a demo or chat


Work with sellers to support their billing model or redesign it from the ground up

Benefits of working in Sales

You'll work with interesting and innovative businesses, interacting with some of the smartest people in the fastest growing tech companies. Compared to many Sales teams, we do feel the love from customers when we do our job well and that's extremely rewarding. There's also a lot of camaraderie in a young and very friendly team, as well as constant learning and exposure to new trends. You'll enjoy a flat hierarchy where you can make a real impact on our business.

“I've learnt a great deal about sales and marketing automation as well as data science, which allowed me to build tools that improve efficiency of my team.”

Aleksander, Sales Operations Manager

Our hiring process

Initial phone call

An intro chat with our Talent team where you walk us through your CV and we explain the process, the company and the role in detail and help you understand how it fits within our ecosystem.

Second Stage Interview

Chat to your peers and senior members of your future team and get a real understanding of our product. We’ll discuss your past experiences and how you’d apply them at Paddle. Talk us through your past experiences, find out more about the role and ask us questions.

Final Interview

Come meet us on site. You will have a presentation task where we ask you to step in our customers’ shoes, understanding their business needs via market research. Ask any final questions.


We’re building the platform that all software companies use to run and grow their business. We’re early in our journey but making good progress: Deloitte Fast 50 named us the fastest growing software company in the UK (we’ve tripled revenue every year since our launch in 2012), and we’ve raised over $25m in funding from incredible investors such as Notion, BGF and Kindred.

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