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Building an amazing platform that helps software businesses grow

What does Product mean at Paddle?

We focus on answering the what and the why of the Paddle platform.







We’ll make sure you constantly grow and learn

Development and learning is core to product and we want to enable that whenever we can. Whether it’s more technical or process related such as a coding course or CSPO, or softer skill related, we’ll encourage you to take courses or training to help with this.

“Working in Product at Paddle gives me the opportunity to constantly learn by solving complex problems, whilst working alongside some awesome people.”

Mike, Product Manager

A typical week in Product



Check metrics to see how the latest feature is performing


Review progress and discuss roadblocks



Work with engineers on any blockers they have and help to ensure everything is going according to plan


Form creative, bold new ideas and work together to design exciting solutions



Run a workshop with other members of the company to discuss their current challenges and how product can help to solve them

User Interviews

Interview software sellers, end users and colleagues to understand their requirements

Benefits of working in Product

You'll benefit from both autonomy and accountability. You'll help many software companies grow, contributing to the community. As a small team, we make sure that everyone can have a big impact. We also support flexible working hours, prioritising effectiveness over hard work. You'll receive training and coaching to help you improve, and buid close and strong relationships with Engineering and the other teams at Paddle.

“The product team at Paddle is ambitious and progressive – I'm given the trust and autonomy to think big and push the product forward.”

Max, Product Designer

Our hiring process

Initial phone call

An intro chat with our Talent team where you walk us through your CV and we explain the process, the company, the current roadmap, our set of products, our approach to Product development and the role and how it fits within our ecosystem.

Second Stage Interview

Chat to your peers and senior members of your future team and walk us through your portfolio. Participate in an open-ended challenge with the aim of helping us understand your thinking process.

Final Interview

Come meet us on site. We’ll do some fun whiteboarding and real world challenges together to understand how you solve problems and create value. Tell us your ideas and ask any final questions.


We’re building the platform that all software companies use to run and grow their business. We’re early in our journey but making good progress: Deloitte Fast 50 named us the fastest growing software company in the UK (we’ve tripled revenue every year since our launch in 2012), and we’ve raised over $25m in funding from incredible investors such as Notion, BGF and Kindred.

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