Building a brand software businesses know and trust

What does Marketing mean at Paddle?

We’re building a brand that software companies know and trust. Our work is extremely varied as we work alongside every team at Paddle to attract businesses and talent, communicate clearly what we do and why it matters, and build smart automation to deliver the right content at the right time.







We’ll make sure you constantly grow and learn

From the day you'll start you'll get a comprehensive onboarding across markets, competitors and products. Your constant exposure to other teams will make you one of the respected cross-departmental experts at Paddle. We'll craft a personal development plan to get you where you want, whether it's becoming a technical expert or managing a team. You'll also get the external training you want, whether it's courses, books or education.

“Having access to Treehouse has allowed me to expand my knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, allowing me to test and prototype my designs.”

Joel, Designer

A typical week in Marketing

We work with all other teams to make sure we can help them succeed, whilst dreaming, running and analysing campaigns, events and various projects to drive the growth of Paddle.


Sync up on our goals for the day and the week


Brainstorm, run and analyze marketing campaigns to attract new leads


Research and write an in-depth guide that will help our sellers run and grow

Company lunch

Free company lunch on a Tuesday


Wireframe, test and design new pages for our website


Discuss with sellers and other teams to understand current pains and challenges

Benefits of working in Marketing

We're lucky to have a product that people love, so our work is really interesting and fulfilling. We are building up the marketing function and have high ambitions for what we can achieve. This is a constantly changing environment where you can make an impact, express your views and test your ideas, whilst you benefit from our knowledge, support and constant training.

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“Being part of the Marketing team here at Paddle is super exciting. There’s no such thing as getting bored. I love how we tackle challenges in a very collaborative, open and fun way all at the same time.”

Marion, Marketing Manager