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What does Engineering mean at Paddle?

We're here to help build the infrastructure and develop the Paddle product so that it's scalable, secure, transparent and reliable. Our environment is one of continuous improvement, both professionally and personally.







Your personal development is important to us

We want you to develop as an Engineer and as a person. This can be something very technical (AWS Certification) or soft skills (Difficult Conversations for managers, Presentation Brilliance). Soft skills are a vital part of being an engineer in a team of technical and non-technical people. We have a variety of knowledge across the department, the more consistent we are, the better.

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“I’ve expanded my knowledge of cloud-based architecture and learned how to work efficiently on a data-driven team that cares deeply about the product”

Maarteen, Senior Engineer

A typical day in Engineering

Not all days are the same, but we try and have some common themes to keep the engineering teams performing and give them space to come together. Creating high performing happy teams is always our goal

Start of the day

Come in between 8am and 11am (we're very flexible)


Daily team meeting to align our goals and see our tasks for the day

In the morning

Review pull requests to keep the feedback cycle short

Company lunch

Free company lunch on a Tuesday

In the afternoon

Core coding hours. Meetings are kept to a minimum

End of the day

Leave between 4pm and 7pm depending on your start time

Benefits of working in Engineering

We aim to give you a good mix of autonomy and support, with input into engineering-wide architectual decisions, tool choices and coding standards. As a growing passionate team we want you to come and improve us, make a difference and develop your skills with your enthusiasm and our guidance (and training budget!). We have Hackathons every quarter to help us express our creative side, and brand new Macbook Pros and flexible working hours to make sure the day job is as enjoyable as possible.

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“Working at Paddle allows me not only to enjoy great company perks, but allows me as an Engineer to do what I love. I love working on fun and exciting new projects where I can learn new things and work with some amazing engineers.”

Simon, Senior Engineer