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Current Job Openings at Paddle

Paddle USA

Life at Paddle

At Paddle, we care deeply about maintaining a welcoming and inclusive working environment.

Our open & transparent culture creates a trusting and supportive environment amongst our teams - if we see something falling down, we pick it up, whether or not technically our job. We believe in people - not telling them what to do, but showing them the destination and providing the tools to get there. We place our trust in people and want everyone to build upon and maintain this trust.

We’re always trying out new things, as individuals and as a team, learning as we go.

We value intelligence, treat each other with respect and we have a lot of fun along the way.

“Working at Paddle means approaching challenges creatively and collaboratively. It means honest, transparent and inclusive culture where everyone can be their best selves without giving it a second thought. It means autonomy and recognition. It also means having fun! Join us - we're hiring!”

Tina, Head of People & Talent

Fair compensation

Competitive salary, share options to succeed if we do, and pension contributions.

Meaningful work

Highly collaborative approach with a tangible impact of your work on our success and that of our customers.

Learning & growing

Emphasis on learning, knowledge sharing and personal development. Constant exposure to new challenges and regular training.

Bring your whole self to work

Friendly, respectful, inclusive and transparent culture where you can always speak up and have an impact.

Enjoyable environment

Comfortable open plan office and lots of free food. Plenty of activities - football team, running club, in-office yoga, monthly massages and board game nights.

Social activities

Regular company get-togethers and quarterly team socials. Bi-weekly drinks, weekly lunches or breakfasts - plus you can join our social committee with your ideas anytime!

Empowered to succeed

Work the way that works best for you and allows for best results. Good life balance, flexible working hours and generous leave policies to ensure you recharge and reboot. Ever evolving list of benefits and all the tools and equipment you need.


We've got an open and transparent culture, focusing on delighting our customers, building trust, learning constantly and making an impact in the work we do. We're also having a lot of fun.

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