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Written by Christian Owens CEO
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15 May 2018  |  Announcements

The Paddle and Setapp WWDC 2018 Party

1 minute read

Setapp and Paddle are teaming up to host an unmissable party in San Jose on June 4 - join us at WWDC 2018!

Come to Setapp and Paddleโ€™s 2018 WWDC Party!

For this yearโ€™s WWDC on June 4th, weโ€™ve got something very special planned! Setapp and Paddle are teaming up to host an unmissable party in San Jose.

Setapp is transforming the Mac world, looking to bring the future of Mac apps ever closer.

Paddle is building the platform for all Mac developers to run and grow their businesses.

Weโ€™ve invited top tech journalists and our friends and colleagues from across the developer community to come and share this special evening with us.

Promising food and drinks to boost your energy, great people, and memorable conversation, as well as a few robots just for good measure, we think this all sounds pretty neat.

Hope to see you there! Simply contact us if you want to join us.

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