We've greatly sped up our checkout response time throughout the world

By Mike Wakeling, 18 Dec 2017, in product

The faster the better. When it comes to conversion, it’s important that your whole purchase funnel, from your store page to your confirmation screen, feels fast. Additional milliseconds can increase checkout abandonment, as analytics company Kissmetric found out. This is one of the reasons why we recently made some overall performance improvements to our checkout.

But even an optimised flow can have wildly varying loading speeds depending on the customer’s country! This is particularly crucial to software companies, who tend to sell worldwide.

Since we focus on helping software companies increase their revenue, we monitor response times at a very granular level and noticed that it could take hundreds of milliseconds longer to load our checkout when you lived outside of the East Coast - even reaching almost 1 second in Tokyo!

Back in November we made some changes to the way we serve our checkout, which included leveraging a feature called Argo from our DNS provider Cloudflare. Because they serve almost 10% of all Internet traffic, they are able to smartly route traffic to the fastest paths available in real time and maintain open, secure connections to eliminate latency.

The results have been great: response times are now under 300ms on average, and we’ve seen some drastic improvements throughout the world.

  • We’ve divided response time by 2 in the Silicon Valley.

Improvements in checkout response time in the Silicon Valley

  • You can now buy software 3x faster in Japan.

Improvements in checkout response time in Japan

  • And the Netherlands also enjoy 3x faster response time.

Improvements in checkout response time in the Netherlands

I hope this helps you have happier customers - and sell more internationally!

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