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Written by Ed Fry Head of Growth
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03 May 2020  |  SaaS

VIDEO: How to Reduce Churn by 30% (recorded SaaStr Summit Workshop)

Grab the slides and video from the Paddle Workshop at SaaStr Summit 2020 - β€œYour billing stack is burning cash: How to reduce churn by 30% and grow your revenue in 2020.”

Did you miss SaaStr Summit?

With the SaaS community working at home, Jason Lemkin's team put on the biggest online SaaS Conference of its kind on April 22nd. Check it out here.

Harrison was invited to share what strategies and tactics we've been experimenting with here at Paddle to reduce churn across thousands of software businesses.

This 22-minute workshop shares a quick framework for structuring your churn reduction strategies, and then dives into deep tactics on one - the power of improving payment acceptance.

Grab the slides here too.

Radically reduce churn with Paddle

Grow faster with higher revenue retention on Paddle. Cut cancelations, increase payment acceptance, and recover more revenue through one unified SaaS Commerce platform.

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