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Written by Rob Hudson CTPO
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20 Nov 2017  |  Product

Our new Pricing API improves the way you can display prices

1 minute read

We’ve just introduced our Pricing API to let you retrieve, localize and calculate prices on the fly.

Prices are everywhere, and ever-changing. They appear on the page listing your apps, in your newsletters, on a landing page with a unique discount… They vary depending on the country or currency of your customer, the type of license purchased, a price increase, or even a simple A/B test.

All in all, there are a lot of prices to store and display.

Our existing Localized Prices API for Paddle.js already allows you to dynamically display a localized price on your page. This helps you avoid hardcoding prices, or showing the wrong currency to a user, which would hurt conversion.

This is a useful, but fairly simplistic solution. For more advanced usage, we've just introduced our Pricing API v2.0:

  • Easier batch price lookup : retrieve the prices of many products (for example your whole store page) in one single API call

  • Effortless custom localization : rather than letting us decide which price to return, pass the visitor IP or country code you want us to localize

  • No more coupon calculations : pass the coupon code and the price will automatically take it into account ( this applies to one-time purchase products only)

  • On the server side : our Pricing API allows you to run these calls server side, which allows for greater control and flexibility than Paddle.js allows on the client side

  • For one-off and subscriptions : all business models are supported

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