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Written by Gary McGrath Head of Success Operations
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11 Nov 2020  |  Announcements

Paddle Managed Support: Global subscription and billing support for your customers

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Outsource global subscription and billing support with Paddle Managed Support.

For years SaaS startups and scaleups have focused their efforts on mastering the art of customer acquisition. But now more than ever, customer retention is as crucial for growth as it is for survival.  

Retaining more customers means more predictable revenue in the short term and, with account expansions and upsells, increased net revenue retention (NRR) in the long term. 

For SaaS, an effective customer retention strategy is reliant not only on a great product but on exceptional customer support; The kind of support that goes beyond managing support tickets at set intervals throughout the day; The kind of support that has a highly qualified team of product and SaaS experts dedicated to quickly resolving queries from customers around the world. 

Sounds expensive, right?

Not with Paddle Managed Support.

What is Paddle Managed Support?

Paddle Managed Support lets you outsource customer support tasks relating to payments, software delivery, failed orders, license codes, subscription cancellations, and other sales transaction queries – freeing up your team to focus on your product. 

The service is offered to all software businesses who sell through Paddle, completely free of charge, and means your customers benefit from our highly trained support staff and advanced technology, wherever they are in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How does it work?

With Paddle Managed Support in place, any issues your customers raise about orders, payments or subscriptions will be directed to our Managed Support team. 

For your customers, this experience is seamless and means they can access support 24/7. For you, it means your in-house teams won’t get bogged down with time-consuming billing issues and can instead provide detailed account management or growth support.

You can also choose which support tasks Paddle manages and which (if any) are redirected to your team. 

Paddle Managed Support scales with your business, as it grows. Allowing your support team to focus on high-value account support from the start. For companies who grow to millions of global customers, like online design platform Renderforest , Paddle Managed Support saves thousands of dollars in headcount and hundreds of hours of time each month.

“Paddle is super flexible in supporting our clients which is really amazing. We do appreciate the amazing quality support. It’s the top reason why we love Paddle so much!” Narek Safaryan, CEO, Renderforest.

Supporting customers more efficiently with AI

Earlier this year we supplemented our global Managed Support team with a chatbot. The bot uses artificial intelligence, gathered from the thousands of queries we work with, to help us give customers the support they need more quickly.


This technology was immediately put to the test as the team received an 80% increase in tickets during the height of the pandemic (March-October 2020).

Even with the increase in demand, the introduction of the chatbot has helped Paddle Managed Support maintain a 99.5% Service Level Agreement (SLA) attainment for response times and 95% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score.


Thousands of software companies trust Paddle Managed Support currently to manage subscription and billing queries, with the team currently working 76,000 tickets monthly (around half of which are resolved by the chatbot).

Join thousands of software businesses already using Paddle Managed Support to provide their customers with expert subscription and billing query support, 24/7.

Find out more about Paddle Managed Support.

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