Paddle & DevMate Join Forces!

By Christian Owens, 23 May 2017, in announcements

For the last four years, Paddle has been working hard to make selling software easy for our customers, providing them with a platform which meets the increasingly complex e-commerce challenges that our software developers are experiencing.

We’re thrilled to announce that today we’re expanding these services further, with the merging of DevMate into Paddle’s platform!

DevMate was originally built in-house at MacPaw as a platform to deliver, analyse and improve their own apps, before becoming a stand-alone product to support other software developers.

With Paddle + DevMate, we’ve got an even more powerful platform to provide our customers with the end-to-end ability to build, license and sell their software online.

We’ve had a long relationship with DevMate, and their parent company MacPaw, and this deal marks a true partnership between our two companies. Together we are really well placed to create the best solutions to solve the challenges that software developers of all sizes face today when launching their products online.

Paddle is the most innovative e-commerce solution out there for software businesses, so for me this deal was obvious. I am thrilled to be joining the Paddle Board and helping the team as it continues to grow.

Oleksandr Kosovan

CEO of DevMate

In the future, we’ll be integrating closely to offer software companies a complete platform which enhances their own experience, and the experience of their customers throughout the development, release and sale of every product type, on every platform.

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