Overall checkout performance improvements

By Rob Hudson, 01 Sep 2017, in product

We’ve made a series of performance improvements to the checkout experience over the summer, which speed everything up for both you and your customers and bring additional scalability.

Faster order processing

We’ve sped up everything that happens after your customer enters their payment details and press “pay”. They’ll receive confirmation with their license number and/or invoice within 1 second - giving them access to your software even faster!

Faster emails

All emails we send - from an license delivery to a password reset - are now virtually instantaneous. You and your customers will receive them within a couple of seconds - waiting for you in the time it takes to switch tabs!.

Faster alerts

Our alerts inform you of any action taking place across your Paddle account - from notifying you of sales and payouts, to winning a dispute. We now process and send alerts about your customers, products and plans much faster, making the whole experience even more seamless for your customers.

Bonus: overall reliability and scalability

We’re growing fast, and it’s important for us this doesn’t translate in a sluggish experience. In parallel to these speed and performance improvements, we’ve also made a series of general infrastructure optimisations to ensure that we keep a high checkout performance no matter how many orders we process (or how great your Black Friday sales are!).

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