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Written by Ed Fry Head of Growth
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09 Oct 2019  |  Product

NEW: Spot Potential B2B Deals, Sync Subscriptions to Salesforce and Sell in Pesos

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Paddle’s product team have been hard at work on several new and exciting features these past few weeks. In this blog, we introduce the new Team Discovery View, through which you can spot potential B2B deals, our Salesforce integration for subscriptions and the introduction of Argentinian and Mexican pesos for your checkout. Read on to find out more about the graph that plots your MRR movements on Paddle for subscription products, as well as updates on UAE tax and where we’re at with PSD2 compliance.

Here’s a summary of what the product team at Paddle have shipped in the past few weeks. If you’re curious to learn more, contact Sales or chat to us from inside the Seller Dashboard.

NEW: Team Discovery View

The biggest growth we see in product-led software companies comes from moving upmarket with team deals and enterprise plans. With Paddle’s latest feature, you can gauge your product’s potential to move upmarket.

That’s why we’re excited to launch Team Discovery. See groups of customers from businesses in one view on the Paddle platform, so you can easily spot potential B2B deals for upsell and expansion.

You can also dig into a breakdown of the specific accounts and which plans they are on so you can use that intelligence to focus your sales outreach.


Team Discovery is now available for everyone in the Seller Dashboard. You'll find it under the ‘Customer’ section of the navigation bar.

NEW: Salesforce Subscriptions Integration

To bring full visibility of subscriptions into Salesforce for the wider sales team and reporting, we’re excited to launch our new Paddle-Salesforce integration for subscriptions.

Paddle Subscriptions will be a custom object inside Salesforce.

Contact Sales or your Solutions Architect to walk through the setup on your account.

NEW: Argentine & Mexican Peso Added

At Paddle, we see selling via local currencies improves conversions. On top of our recent Japanese Yen and South Korean Won, you can now sell your products and subscriptions in Argentine and Mexican Pesos.

NEW: MRR Movements Graph


Following our recent addition of a Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) graph under the 'Billing' area of the overview page, we've now added a further graph that will plot your MRR Movements on Paddle for subscription products. This gives you a monthly breakdown of:

  • New recurring revenue

  • Expansion recurring revenue

  • Contraction recurring revenue

  • Churned recurring revenue

Update to UAE Tax

As of September 23 2019, we’ve had to begin charging 5% sales tax for B2C buyers purchasing within the UAE. This is due to the regulations within the UAE, but we expect this to have limited impact as we process a very low number transactions from this region.

If your current settings are to exclude VAT on checkout then your existing subscriptions will have their recurring cost increased to accommodate the new VAT, resulting in your customers paying more for their subscriptions.

If your current settings are to include VAT on checkout then your price will remain the same, however the VAT amount will be deduced as required by the UAE and therefore your earnings from these sales will decrease by 5%.

Update to PSD2 Compliance

With the rollout of PSD2 on September 14 2019, we’ve shared our data on Paddle’s testing before and insights after launch. Find out what happened on the day the new regulations came in here.

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