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Written by Erika Varangouli Senior Content Marketing Manager
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08 Nov 2019  |  Product

NEW: Charging Sales Tax in Quebec, Adding One-Off Purchase Products to Your Account and the New Revenue Graph

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Our Product team has been working hard on updating the platform and adding some exciting new features. Read on to discover what adding sales tax to our platform for Quebec, Canada, means for you, how adding a new, one-off product purchase has become simpler and how to use our new Revenue Graph to better assess your company’s health status.

At Paddle we are constantly improving our platform to offer the best experience to our users and respond to their continually growing needs. 

Below we have summarized what our Product team has shipped over the last two weeks. If you want to discover more about one of the updates, get in touch with our Success team or chat to us from inside the Seller Dashboard.

Charging Sales Tax in Quebec, Canada

Processing sales tax for Quebec in Canada has been a legal requirement since January 4, 2019 so we have now completed our registration for Quebec sales tax and have started charging a sales tax of 9.975% on all purchases by customers located within Quebec. 

Since October 29, 2019, we have started charging your customers from Quebec an increased price on the checkout. This applies to existing subscribers, too, who will have seen their recurring cost increased to accommodate for the new tax.

It’s worth keeping in mind that customers from Quebec are used to seeing the price increase during checkout, as typically sales in Canada are displayed excluding sales tax.

What you need to do:

Check your current vendor settings; if these are set to exclude VAT from the price of your products, you will need to match your checkout prices to those listed on your website. 

If your current vendor settings are set to have VAT included in the price of your products, this means you don't need to do anything as we have started deducting the sales tax amount from your sales in Quebec (including existing subscriptions). You might only want to review your pricing to ensure you make any appropriate adjustments to ensure your earnings remain the same.

Product Creation Flow


We are undertaking a big overhaul of how both  one-time and subscription products are created in your Paddle account. Our aim is to simplify the process and make setting up a new product or subscription as straightforward as possible.

As part of this project, we've rationalized and simplified the process for adding a new one-time purchase product to your account. We have removed unecessary steps and questions. The process has now been reduced from many pages to just two.

Revenue Graph

We recently added a new Billing tab to the Overview section of the Paddle dashboard.

We wanted to build on the existing Overview insights and make it more useful for you by highlighting the metrics that are most valuable to you and displaying them in an intuitive way so you can monitor your company's health. The first new graph is Revenue, a core metric for most businesses. 


We will be iterating on this new page regularly, so you will be able to track a steady evolution. Our plan is to eventually retire the existing billing page.

We really value your input and feedback on this: How can this area evolve to help you better understand and assess the health of your business?

Let us know either by sending us an email or by opening the Support icon to start a conversation.

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