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24 Oct 2019  |  Product

NEW: Download Subscription Metrics Data, Maximize Renewal Rates with our Automatic Card Updater and Pause Subscriptions

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In our latest update from Paddle’s Product team, we look at the shiny new features from the past 2 weeks. You can now download subscriptions metrics data with a single click, maximize subscription renewal rates and reduce involuntary churn with our automatic card updater and pause and restart your subscription with ease. We’ve also added the Taiwan Dollar (NT$) to our growing list of currencies.

The next product update is here! Check out what the Product team at Paddle have shipped in the past 2 weeks and, if you’re curious to learn more, you can contact Sales or chat to us from inside the Seller Dashboard.

Download Subscriptions Metrics Data

We recently added a 'Download' button to the new subscriptions metrics area of the dashboard. The first version of this was released alongside the MRR chart, so would only provide raw data on that metric.

You may have previously seen a ‘download’ button in the new subscriptions metrics area of the dashboard, but our initial download option (which was released alongside the MRR chart) only provided raw data on that metric.

Our new download button now enables you to download all the data that's now available in MRR movements in one click, adding information around the expansion, contraction and churn in your subscriptions!

As we offer more flexibility around changing the date range of data shown going forward, this will also be reflected in the raw download that you can generate.

Maximize Renewal Rates with  our Automatic Card Updater

In order to maximize subscription renewal rates and reduce involuntary churn, we now automatically update payment card details when they become invalid. Card details often become invalid because the card has expired or been cancelled.

When an upcoming subscription renewal has an invalid card, we check to see if we are able to get the updated card details and, if we can, the new card details will be used for all subsequent payments for that subscription. If we were unable to get the card details, we will email the customer with a link to update their card details.

In order to benefit from this feature we’ll need to obtain the new card details, so the cardholder must be using a card scheme which supports automatic updating. This has good coverage across North America and in some European countries, such as the UK, Sweden and Finland.

Pause and Restart Subscriptions

Make life easy for your customers by enabling them to pause and restart their subscription. Our new update means that customers won’t need to cancel their subscription if they want to take a break from using your product - and they won’t have to re-enter their card details and make a new purchase when they wish to return.

Once a subscription is paused, a customer won’t be charged for the next or subsequent payments due. When restarting their subscription, the customer will restart the billing cycle from that date and will be billed immediately for the first payment of the billing cycle. How do you know that a customer wants to pause or restart their subscription? You’ll be informed via webhook and can then take appropriate action with regard to the customers access to your product.

Allowing customers to enter a paused state (rather than only presenting them with an option to churn) allows you to keep the dialogue going and enhances the likelihood of encouraging them back as fully paid up customers.

Subscriptions can be paused and restarted either via the Update Subscriptions API or manually via the Paddle vendor dashboard under the manage subscriptions area.

Watch this space - additional functionality for the pausing of subscriptions is currently underway!

Enable customer payments in Taiwan Dollars

The Taiwan Dollar (NT$) is now available as a currency option! Customize your pricing with the new currency to personalize the experience for customers and boost checkout conversions.

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