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Written by Erika Varangouli Senior Content Marketing Manager
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22 Nov 2019  |  Product

NEW: UI A/B Testing of Checkout, Alerts / Webhooks for Refund Reason and a More Intuitive Journey to Paddle Docs from Our Dashboard

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Launching a new program for A/B testing of our checkout UI, giving visibility on refund reasons through Alerts / Webhooks, and an easier way to discover Paddle’s documentation from within our dashboard: here’s what our Product team has been busy with in the last two weeks.

Our team’s work on improving the platform and adding new features to it is ongoing. Every two weeks we share all the updates and new builds the Product team has shipped. 

If you have any questions or feedback about any of the updates, get in touch with our Success team or chat to us from inside the Seller Dashboard.

Checkout UI A/B testing

A:B testing Paddle

With a recent study by Baymard Institute showing that 1 in 4 shoppers abandon their cart due to a “too long / complicated checkout process” , it goes without saying that optimizing this stage of the user journey should be a focus for online sellers as it can improve results significantly. 

Our team has launched a new program of A/B testing within our checkout. This week, we set live an initial test, which involves darkening the background of our Overlay checkout and of the styling of the Paddle Info bar at the bottom of the screen.

Our program includes ongoing activity, so our users will see incremental changes in the coming months. Our main areas of focus, for the time being, will be modernizing the UI and improving the experience for buyers.

Refund reason is now available through Alerts / Webhooks


You can now find the reason behind each refund as we have added this functionality to all alerts that are sent when a refund is issued. 

The webhook parameters we’ve added are below:

Webhooks / Alerts for Refunds

Here’s where you can find out more about subscription alerts .

A quicker route to Paddle docs

We wanted to make the user journey to Paddle’s resources a little more intuitive, so we’ve made some minor improvements to our dashboard to make it easier to get to them from within.

Previously, there was only a single link to 'Help' at the bottom of the nav; now you can find links to the Paddle Help and Docs pages there.

If you have any feedback or questions on the above, you can get in touch with our team via or simply open the support icon to start a conversation.

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