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Written by Mike Wakeling Head of Product
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24 Jun 2019  |  Product

Announcing: The New and Improved Paddle Checkout

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It’s a big week for us here at Paddle! We’re excited to announce that the latest version of our checkout - the interface that handles payments for all our sellers - is here, with a ton of improvements: brand colors, improved user experience, and more. Read on to find out what’s changed.

Handling millions of user sessions each month, the Paddle checkout is the main interface that buyers use to pay for and subscribe to software through the Paddle checkout. It’s crucial that it’s fast, scalable, reliable, error-free, and above all, optimized for conversion. But - having been built for speed and reliability in a monolithic platform - it wasn’t easy for us to deliver improvements to the checkout in the way our sellers expected.

Over the last six months, we’ve been rolling out a new version of the checkout, built with more modern technologies like Go and React, which will make it easier and faster than ever before for us to make changes, test and optimize for conversions, and delight buyers with a simple, modern user experience. Having tested extensively to monitor for potential differences in conversion rate between both versions, we’ve now enabled the new checkout for all Paddle transactions - and with it, a whole host of improvements with more to come!

Let’s take a look at the biggest changes.

What's changed?

Control your brand experience with brand color in the checkout


This is one of the most frequently requested improvements from our existing sellers. Sellers can now choose a standard hexadecimal brand color to display across the Paddle checkout for a seamless brand experience.

Maximize conversions with a responsive checkout


Your customers move effortlessly between devices - their desktop, tablets, and smartphones - so making it easy to buy or subscribe wherever they are is key.

The Paddle checkout is now responsive across all devices for a modern checkout experience, however your customers buy.

More prominent language selector

Paddle can already localize your checkout pricing, currency, and payment methods based on the user’s location, but that doesn’t always reflect the language they speak.

It’s now easier for customers to select the language they want to see in the checkout for an experience they can actually understand.

Enable customers to save their card details for later purchases


You can now offer buyers the ability to save - or ‘vault’ - their card details through Paddle for later use through one-click purchases: perfect for ‘marketplace’ and content library style software businesses.

Whilst always technically possible with Paddle, the new version of the checkout has made it easier to ship an improved experience with supporting information and button text that makes it clear to the user.

Dark mode support for in-app checkouts using the Mac SDK

Buyers using Apple's 'dark mode' feature in the latest MacOS will now see a dark mode Paddle checkout: no more bright white causing unnecessary eye strain.


A whole host of user experience improvements

Subscribing to or buying software should be simple and easy. We’ve tidied up the interface with a few visual tweaks, including:

  • Animations and transitions on the checkout are smoother and more delightful.

  • There is now a back button on the card form, so buyers can move backwards to change payment methods easily.

  • Buyers who select to pay by wire transfer have more helpful information on the next steps they need to take.

Improved experience for business buyers

Business buyers - especially in the EU - are encouraged to provide their VAT or sales tax registration number, which (when validated) means Paddle doesn’t need to charge VAT or sales tax on the transaction.

Adding this information is now easier: there’s a clearer call-to-action on the screen for buyers to provide business address information, and sellers can now pre-collect this information and pass through using our Custom Checkout API.

What's coming up?

These improvements are just the beginning: the rebuilt checkout is the foundation for us to be able to quickly experiment, test and validate new features and improvements.

Over the next few months, we’ll be exploring improvements for new compliance (like US sales tax collection), experimentation with wording and positions for conversion optimization, and improving the in-line checkout experience as well.

Get started

If you're an existing Paddle seller, the new checkout is already live - get in touch with our team to find out more or share your thoughts. 

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