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Written by Dan Wilkinson Content Manager
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12 Oct 2018  |  Black friday

Maximizing B2B Software Sales on Black Friday

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We give the best reasons why Black Friday could turn into your most lucrative sales day yet, using these simple, yet effective strategies to draw in your target customers.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s impact as one of the best days to sell software cannot be underestimated.

This is why we’re breaking down what you, as a B2B seller, should be doing to win over your customers this Black Friday.

Why B2B Software Is Suited To Black Friday

When selling to businesses, your potential customers are often very savvy about your product. They’ll especially be weighing up the features and pricing, so when it comes time for your sale period, they’ll be first to pounce if it’s worth their while, price-wise.

What’s My Discount Strategy?

For this section we’ll be paraphrasing our Data-Powered Guide to Discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, be sure to read the full guide if you’re looking for the steps to implement these discounts as well.

A B2B company who flourished with a 30% discount was Flixel, who doubled revenue on Black Friday. This is detailed in our analysis, which features the other marketing techniques they utilized.

B2B Companies that have aced Black Friday

One of the reasons Flixel did so well during the Black Friday period was that instead of limiting everything to just the Friday, they widened their sale period to the whole week (Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and Black Friday). This allowed them to take advantage of more website traffic through the week. Though you should be aware this lessens the ticking clock of your sale proposition, though Flixel countered this in their newsletter to state that sale copies are limited.

Flixel also use their newsletter as an opportunity to talk about the variety of customers that they sell to ”photographers, brands, and agencies”, further reinforcing that they can cater to larger businesses.

Flixel's first Black Friday email campaign

Another company who has benefited from a good Black Friday strategy is Razeware. Their approach to marketing materials is key, everything is colorful, well labeled and draws you in. Their blogs promoting the sale, focus first on the product and what the sale offers the customer it then seeks to answer customer questions they may have after the main pitch has been made. This perfectly suits their audience who are prosumer, tech-savvy and keen to learn more about the product.


Upselling to Enterprise?

A segment which you may not have considered targeting during Black Friday is enterprise. During the Black Friday period, you can target businesses looking to maximize their budget, by upselling their per-seat billing on an annual renewal basis.

You can win them over by offering them a generous incentive, which also allows you to book revenue faster and capitalize on per-seat billing’s full potential, using Black Friday as the perfect excuse to leverage the sale.

Using these techniques and engaging your user base, you’ll see more traction for your sales campaigns.