What it's like to be a Software Engineer at Paddle

By Rob Aiken, 19 Jul 2017, in people, engineering

Joining Paddle

Before Paddle I was a Web Systems Developer for the British Antarctic Survey. I was looking for an online payment solution for a personal project, found Paddle interesting and noticed that they were hiring new developers. A couple of interviews later, I joined in October 2016.

I got a shiny new MacBook Pro and was introduced to the whole team while getting set up. I was dropped in at the deep end as we didn’t yet have a proper onboarding process back then. Fortunately this is something that has improved greatly since we’ve moved to our new office and have so many new starters each month as we continue to grow rapidly.

What I do

I’m part of the team that focuses on maintaining and improving the customer checkout and vendor administration dashboard - the product that our vendors and their customers use every day.

Right now I’m working with a few colleagues, Victor, Rob, and Peter on implementing a new payment method for our vendors - which is part of a series of improvements to the core of our checkout. We’ve also recently merged with a solution called DevMate, which we’re integrating within our platform.

A typical day

Although every day is different, a typical day would probably be getting breakfast, selecting a ticket, writing code, peer reviewing that code, and merging it into the release branch. The hardest thing would probably be naming classes, functions, and variables!

It’s really important for us to write reliable and maintainable code. We peer review all of our code and make sure we have good coverage before anything can be released. Peer review is a great way to find out how you can improve your development skills, not only by having your work scrutinised, but also by reading through other people’s code: you can pick up techniques that you can use in future.

What I like most about my job

So far what I’ve enjoyed the most is building our new vendor dashboard: knowing it was going to be the first thing our vendors look at when they log in was great. I really like making new features for vendors that will directly help them increase their revenue.

The Paddle vendor dashboard, before and after

It’s really nice that we have a team of friendly and really intelligent people who truly care about the product. And since we have a small development team, it’s possible to make a big impact on the product very quickly.

In the last 6 months we’ve really improved our systems and team structure to make this possible, so I’m really looking forward to the new people we’ll hire and the new features we’ll build.

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