What it's like to do Customer Success at Paddle

By Tom Holland-Hibbert, 14 Sep 2017, in people

Joining Paddle

I initially joined the Sales team in June 2015 after graduating as a civil engineer from Durham University, at a stage when Paddle was still a very small team of 8 people!

I was drawn to Paddle due to an interest in seeing how these extremely young and agile start-up firms operate on the inside, while my engineering degree had driven an interest in technology - Paddle seemed to marry the two perfectly.

After a year working in the sales team, and running a few other internal projects, I set up the Customer Success team in June 2016.

The King of Customer Success

First days as King of Customer Success in our old office

As one of the youngest teams at Paddle, we’re also one of the smallest, but the great news is that means everyone gets involved with how it should be run, and what we should be doing next!

In general though, our aim is two-fold. Firstly it is to manage a close relationship with our larger clients, ensuring we have everything they need, and that they are getting the most out of Paddle. Secondly we help them grow and develop through increased customer conversion, checkout efficiency and other data driven strategic decisions ranging across the board, from pricing to marketing.

A typical day in Customer Success

On a typical day I’ll get into the office at 8.30am, which gives me a chance to read the news over a cup of tea and scan through my most important/pressing emails, before hitting the ground running at 9am.

A large part of our role is helping our current clients with any technical issues they are having with our checkout, alongside talking them through how to implement any extra features they may wish to use, so most of the morning will be spent answering anything that has come in overnight. These can range from things as simple as how to create new products, to long technical implementations of custom checkouts, and the variety certainly keeps things interesting.

Analyzing data to help our customers' checkout

We work with our Ops team to aggregate the right data to help our customers succeed

Beyond this I’ll usually have a call or two organised each day with new and existing clients. We’ll typically talk about how their sales are going compared to what they’re hoping for, and how we can help to improve on that. This is the more strategic side of our role, and it’s great watching our vendors grow due to strategic changes you’ve helped develop.

Preparing and doing these calls will take up a good chunk of the day, especially as there’s a certain amount of catching up on general life that needs to happen with a number of our longer standing clients, who I’ve got to know quite well!

Any extra time is split between a number of different projects, both internal and external. Externally it might be working on long term plans with our large clients, perhaps liaising with the product team over how new features/fixes are coming along or running through the result of recent A/B tests we’ve done. Internally there are always projects and extra things that need looking into, from reducing fraud to writing blog posts!

What I do outside of work

I currently live in south west London, in a flat I share with two friends from university, although I grew up on a farm in Hertfordshire.

Outside the office I try to play sport as much as possible, despite a distinct lack of talent, with tennis and golf being particular favourites. I also love motorbikes, alongside a small group of others in the office, so a Paddle motorbike tour may soon be in the offing!

What’s challenging

The downside of a quick paced world is managing your diary and commitments can be tricky, and it’s something you have to constantly stay on top of. Things can quickly get away from you if you start to get behind, but luckily we have a pretty awesome team and everyone gets involved so there’s always someone to help out if you need a hand!

Understanding the more complex integrations can also be a bit tricky, but we’re getting much better at keeping records and running “Paddle Learning” sessions with the product teams to understand those now!

What I enjoy

As cliched as it sounds - no two days are the same. The industry as a whole, Paddle, and all of our clients are moving so fast that new problems arise every day. These often require some out of the box thinking to solve and it’s incredibly satisfying to fix an issue quickly and efficiently for a client, especially when they were panicking that the end of the world was nigh!

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