What it’s like to be an Account Executive at Paddle

By Matt Jones, 01 Aug 2017, in people

Joining Paddle

I joined in August 2015 and was one of the first members of the Sales team here at Paddle. I was previously an Account Manager for a very large food distribution company, occasionally moonlighting as a sound engineer - so Paddle was quite a new experience!

I actually heard about Paddle from a friend who had recently moved to London and kept telling me about how great his job and colleagues were, so I ended up applying (I don’t regret his persistence!).

My first month is a bit of a blur: I got the chance to meet everyone for a team dinner before I’d even started, which was a nice touch. There was a lot to learn, especially on the technology side - from the various challenges our customers face to the many details of what our solution can do. That said, I’ve never experienced such a high level of training and support from the founder and the rest of the team.

What I do

To summarise, my team and I work with software businesses that can range from a couple of indie developers to international corporations with dozens of software products.

They come to us with a variety of fairly difficult challenges (changing their business model entirely to move to subscriptions, launching a new product globally, unifying how they sell across platforms, optimising the way they market and sell…).

We then work with them to find the best solution - it’s not just about selling them our product, there’s a really interesting mix of advising and sharing the best practices we see across all the software companies we work with. Anything we can do to help them grow their business, really.

My progression within Paddle

Progressing in the role has been most rewarding and kept me on my toes! I started as one of the first Account Executives (AE), back when we were a 10 person company and had a good taster of the Sales Development Representative (SDR) role before becoming an independent AE.

Nowadays I’m a Senior AE, heading up one of our Sales pods and helping to build out that team of 3 SDRs and 5 AEs. I spend quite a bit of time on interviewing, conducting one on ones with the team and generally making sure we’re all on track.

There’s always more to learn. Right now I’m working my way through a coaching plan like everyone else in the team. They are custom-made for each of us and designed to take our tech skills to the next level, enabling us non techies to be more independent when dealing with integrations and custom Paddle set-ups.

Paddle Sales training material

What I do outside of work

World travel when I can!

More often though, I enjoy playing with the latest music technology (Ableton + Elektron i’m looking at you!), as well as trying out the latest street food venues that pop up throughout London.

And when the weather is good it’s all about riding the motorcycle out to the countryside!

What I find the most exciting

It’s really the people that work here and the continuous growth that’s all around! Seeing our new teams take shape and Paddle’s roadmap unfold is exciting for all of us - there’s a tangible and constant change that makes every week a little bit different from the last.

The freedom to do what works, rather than what we’ve always done is also pretty great.

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