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Written by Joana Marques Technical Account Manager
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08 Mar 2018  |  Culture

My First Few Months as Technical Account Manager at Paddle

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Iโ€™ve joined Paddle a couple of months ago to help with sellerโ€™s technical queries, improve our documentation, analyze seller needs and pass back suggestions to our product team.

Joining Paddle

I joined Paddle a couple of months ago - on the 18th of December, which means that half the office was on holiday when I started (making it much easier for me to learn everyone's name)!

I was already working as a Technical Account Manager but wanted to work with a more complex product to improve my technical skills. Recruiters who contact me tend to talk about jobs that don't really match my skills but Adam who reached out was spot on, so I started interviewing. I really liked the fact that it's a young and energetic company (which could be felt in each of my interviews!) with a complex product and a really fast growth.

Everyone was quite welcoming so I felt at home really quickly. There are regular catchups to report on how you are doing and what you need to improve, which is great. I must admit that in the beginning it was quite overwhelming as you need to take in quite a lot of information but that feeling changes as the time goes by and your knowledge increases.

Pancake day, when we had 2 chefs come cook waffles for us for 2 hours, and our recent hackathon where I had the opportunity to build some tools for the team are probably my favourite memories of these first few months!


The Customer Success Team

I'm part of the Customer Success team: we help our existing sellers grow and succeed, and deliver amazing support experience. We really focus on 2 indicators: our time to respond (making sure you get the right reply as fast as possible, whether you're in the US or Japan) and the number of queries we can avoid by improving our documentation and constantly making it easier to figure out what you should do.

We're 4 right now. Paul and Michal focus on answering incoming queries, which can come from people who've just signed up, or companies who've been with us for years and are looking for advice on anything from localising their pricing to launching and promoting a new version of their software.

Jorge works proactively with sellers where we think we can add the most value: he typically ensures that they make the most out of our platform, and helps them grow their revenue in the long term.

My Role: Technical Account Manager

I sit at the centre of the Customer Success team, focusing on the technical side of things. On a typical day I'll be helping with the technical queries of our sellers, improving our documentation, as well as analyzing seller needs and passing back suggestions to our product team.

A good example of a recent query is one of our sellers whose checkout was displaying a white screen on mobile. Once I dug into it I found that their CSS code was clashing with ours: I explained the cause of the issue to them and recommended a solution that would prevent the clash with minimal effort.

Ideally these queries or issues don't reach our engineering team and we can solve them ourselves. Sometimes a seller has found a bug, in which case I'll document it and pass it to engineering, and work with them on identifying what happened.

Right now I'm working on a couple of projects that will make life easier for our sellers and our team:

  • Writing a guide to subscription balances, which will help our sellers better understand the logic behind subscriptions

  • Coming up with an internal tool that lets us handle bulk refunds more elegantly, which will save time for our team


It's been interesting to see how quickly things improve: for example when I joined the process of dealing with technical queries and issues was not really optimal, as they would go to a couple of people only (who also happened to be the busiest). We now use Trello and have a structured system in place to communicate and report issues to engineering, which works nicely for both teams and avoids constant interruptions.

What I Find Challenging

Balancing my priorities is probably the hardest part of my job: I tend to want to solve everything at the same time! Sadly, that's not possible.

Onboarding was also a challenge: back when I joined there was still a lot of product knowledge scattered across the company and within a couple of brains, making it a bit harder to learn everything. Fortunately we're working hard to improve that!

What I Like the Most

Did I mention pancake day? ๐Ÿ˜„ More seriously, my favourite part is the people I work with.

I also really enjoy the investigative process that comes with every issue. You're almost like a detective: each issue is different and I rarely see the same one twice!

So if you're looking for a challenging and fast paced environment where you work with friendly people, where things are never boring and you're always learning something new, join us!

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