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22 Apr 2019  |  Growth

Landing Page Designs To Attract Trial Customers

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Your marketing campaign won’t mean a thing without an eye-catching landing page. Find out how a well-designed landing page can get eyes on your product and convert perusing potential customers to freemium and trial users.

Landing pages may come in different shapes and sizes, but they all ultimately exist for the same reason. All aim to offer a clear, distraction-free snapshot of the benefits of a particular product or service and provide a link for potential customers to begin using it. This is usually a link to a company’s freemium product or free trial, putting the new user in the marketing funnel for nurturing with an ultimate eye to converting them to a paid customer.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is created for one purpose: to promote a product or service. Its name refers to the process by which potential customers often come across these pages: by ‘landing’ on them after clicking on an ad or an organic search result.

So what sets a landing page aside from a homepage? Simply put, landing pages won’t feature all of the information and links that you’d expect to see on the homepage. You wouldn’t find a navigation menu or drop-down options on a good landing page, nor would you find a lengthy company description, testimonials or other similar features that frequently appear to add clarity and clout on a homepage.

A landing page is comparatively distraction-free with a simple call to action. This usually takes the form of highlighting the key benefits of a company’s service and/or latest product and a link or web form to sign up to a free version.

The Two Types of Landing Page

There are two distinct types of landing page, created with their different target audiences in mind. These are:

  1. The Click-Through Landing Page . Most popular with online businesses, this page’s call to action is a simple button. A ‘try now’ or ‘start here’ button will sign up potential customers to a freemium model or free trial.

  2. The Lead-Generation Landing Page . This type of landing page will feature a web form as its call to action. Used predominantly to promote services or high-cost products, the form gathers lead data, such as names, email addresses and phone numbers, and will lead to a freemium model or free trial. Marketers will use this lead information to push free customers along the marketing or sales funnel.

Why landing pages encourage freemium and trial customers

So what is it about landing pages that work especially well when trying to attract freemium sign-ups and customers for free trials?

It’s their simplicity that make landing pages the best option when it comes to increasing your conversion rates. When potential customers are directed to a landing page as a result of your ad campaign, they are (hopefully) offered a visually appealing and brief look at what your product does with a hassle-free route to try it out or find out more.

The minimal links on a landing page limits distractions while the fewer things the potential customer must complete before using the advertised product the better. In fact, it’s been found that reducing web form fields from 11 down to 4 can increase conversions by 120%.

Landing page designs to catch the eye

It’s vital when creating a landing page that you’ve got the nature of your product or service at the front of your mind. How can you best promote a trial of your product? As our blog on creating a landing page for your launch announcement explores, there are many factors to consider. In addition to finessing your copy and aesthetic, you’ve got to consider whether offering features like live chat or live demos would optimize your landing page.

There’s a lot we can learn from other companies’ landing pages and how they go about enticing potential customers to begin a free trial.

Confront Potential Customers with Their Problem

The Mac app Muzzle has a landing page that illustrates exactly the issue that potential customers are likely experiencing when they find their way to the page. Its simple design displays the app’s name, logo and unique selling point together with a prominent link to download… all while a constant stream of cringeworthy notifications appear on the right hand side of the page. It’s whimsical and clever - and you’ll want to click.


Show Them What They’re Missing

Airbnb pairs a clear call to action with an enticing promise - you could be making money from your home and you can find out exactly how much right now. The calculator tool offers potential Airbnb hosts the opportunity to see the improvement that using Airbnb will bring and with very few fields to complete its appealing to have a go.


Forefront Your Unique Selling Point

Twago use a lively yet simple design to lead potential customers to their demo. Their USP is front and center in this promotion, stressing how their solution can help users find talent that’s difficult to track down anywhere else. The description is brief and clear, their link stands out against a dark background and the only other links on the page lead to contacting Twago directly.


Get the Ball Rolling

App building tool Buildfire have cleverly made the first click on their landing page the first step in the set-up process. It feels less of a commitment than agreeing to start a free trial or sign up to a freemium product; they’re simply asking if you’d like help building your app or not. The former leads straight to a web form, while the latter offers a potential customer to choose an app template before creating an account.

The eye-catching, fun graphics and no-pressure approach to this landing page would get free customers signing up to see what the tool can offer them - and in some cases because you can play around with app layouts straight away.


Get the Digits

Work management platform Asana have a simplified lead-generating landing page. Potential customers don’t have to fill in their full details to give the tool a go - an email address gets you started in moments. It’s a simple design that clearly explains what Asana Premium can help you achieve - and you’re not having to give up too much information to try it.


Make a Statement

A strong landing page draws attention to your product and garners trial customers primed for conversion. Focus your attention on making a statement with your landing page and, once those trial users convert, let Paddle take the hassle out of your billing. Book a demo here and see how we can help your business grow.

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