Introducing automated license recovery

By Rob Hudson, 07 Aug 2017, in product

Your customers can now recover their software license automatically

Your customers sometimes need to recover their software license - for example because they’ve lost it, or just bought a new computer and can’t wait to install your app again.

This used to be a semi-manual process, where customers had to request it via email.

We’ve just automated it, making it much more efficient:

  • Your customers can now recover their license on their own, instantly.
  • You simply need to send the customer email address to us, using our API or SDK.
  • We handle the validation and email the customer with their license details on your behalf.

If you use Paddle.js or the Checkout API

Capture and send us the customer email address via the new license recovery API endpoint.

If you use the SDK

Use our UI element to let Paddle handle the whole process, or implement your own custom flow. Make sure you update your SDK to benefit from the latest features and the best checkout UI.

Read the integration notes

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