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Written by Sujan Mohinani Junior Account Executive
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05 Nov 2018  |  Culture

How I Became Paddle’s First Business Development Representative

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I’m Sujan Mohinani and I joined Paddle in June 2018 straight out of college. 5 months later, I’m helping software companies learn more about what we do as Paddle’s first Business Development Representative.

Joining Paddle

I moved to London to join Paddle in June 2018, less than a month after graduating from college. I spent my first two years as an undergraduate at The George Washington University in Washington D.C, before taking a year out to go backpacking, teaching myself web development as I went. I transferred to Rollins College in Florida where I graduated with a B.A in International Business.

After an initiation into the world of tech start-ups in Dallas, Texas, I came to Paddle only 3 weeks after graduation. I immediately felt like I fit in; everyone was so welcoming and went out of their way to make me feel at home even while onboarding was underway. I started off as a Lead Development Representative, where I learned more about our platform and how we help businesses grow. The role involved extensive research into different software companies, seeing how Paddle can help them, and I discovered tons of cool software products that I’d never come across before! I still have an overflowing bookmarks folder filled with interesting tools.

Taking On a New Role

After two months as an LDR I became Paddle’s first ever Business Development Representative. The role was created so that we can better understand our potential customers and the way they currently handle payments so our Account Executives can provide solutions tailored to their needs.

The BDR role really fits in with the unique ethos of our sales team. We’re not just here to sell, rather to understand the requirements of software businesses and provide advice and a tailored solution to help them thrive. What I like most about being a BDR is the knowledge of what businesses are looking to implement. Understanding their vision is crucial; it’s not just about finding a better solution to their current setup, it’s about discovering their ultimate goals. Conveying this to Account Executives is important, as they can work with our Solutions Architects to create the most value for each company.


What I’ve learned as our first BDR

The transition from LDR to BDR was a great experience. I had the full support of the sales team and the Account Executives guided me to ensure we provide value each time we contact a potential client.

Moving from a research-based role to client-facing involved a lot of learning on the go. I’ve come to learn the value of time management when you’re juggling a bunch of daily tasks and the importance of a calendar to set crucial reminders. Between calls with prospective clients, time spent on follow-up emails, reaching out to new potential businesses and setting aside time to learn and develop my own skills, it can get fairly tricky to stay on top of things without strong time management and planning!

A new role takes time to get used to, but it’s really cool to be at the forefront of our customer generation process and to see the impact of my work.

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